Death of a Judoka | Art, Animation & Harassment

Death of a Judoka | Art, Animation & Harassment | Craft beer at home

In the press review of this Wednesday, March 24, we will discuss the death of the great judoka Toshihiko Koga, the harassment in the artistic world of the past ten years and the great Japanese brewers who offer beers at home.

Toshihiko Koga dies at just 53

Toshihiko Koga died at age 53 from cancer. The famous judoka is known by the nickname “Sanshiro de Heisei”. Recall that shortly before the 1992 Olympics, Koga crumpled a ligament in his left knee and could no longer walk without assistance. His ability to compete seemed compromised; however, that same year, he won the gold medal in his category. It was not his first title since at the age of 18, Koga won the Jigoro Kano Cup of the Tokyo international judo tournament. In 1989 and 1991, he won the World Judo Championships. In 1990, he successively crushed his opponents at the Japanese Judo Championships. Finally in 2000, he retired from competition to become a coach.

Harassment in the arts

According to a recent survey of professionals ranging from classical arts to animation, about 80% of workers in the industry said they had been victims of abuse of power or sexual harassment in the past 10 years. Of the respondents around 60% were self-employed. Many of them said they did not feel safe, since they did not have an employment contract and worked under unclear conditions on both recruitment and remuneration. Harassment in the world of the arts is increasingly denounced, languages ​​are loosened; most recently, the news was the former director of creation of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games who had proposed to Naomi Watanabe to descend from the sky in a pig costume during the opening ceremony of the Games.

Craft beer kits from major brewers

Industrial Kirin Brewery has announced that it will launch its program “Home Tap” on a large scale by offering home kits. Customers receive a free tap and can thus have draft beer delivered in one liter containers twice a month to their homes. Consumers can choose from about four types of craft beers available on a monthly basis. The rate is 8,250 yen per month (64.18 euros). The dispenser keeps its contents cold, so beer can be served up to 48 hours after opening the container. The brewer expects the machine to expand this business considerably and expects a user count of 30,000 to 100,000 by the end of the year.


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