In the press review of this Wednesday, October 21, we will discuss: Suga speaking out on contaminated water, Nobuo Kishi’s visit to Okinawa, and finally Kawasaki at war against hateful content.

Decision to come

While still on the move in Indonesia, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga spoke about the contaminated water in Fukushima. Indeed, it had recently appeared in the media a government plan to release these waters into the ocean. Suga indicated that“There is no decision for the moment” but that we must not “Postpone the question forever” and “Make a responsible decision as soon as possible”. 1.23 million tonnes of lightly contaminated water are stored, but this figure is expected to continue to rise.

Kishi in Okinawa

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi was in Okinawa on Wednesday to inspect a self-defense air force base. This is his first visit since taking office to the southern department, which is home to the disputed archipelago of Senkaku. During his speech to the troops, the minister expressed his concern about the increase in Chinese activities close to Japanese territory. Kishi also met with the local governor, Denny Tamaki, to discuss the controversial subject of relocating a US base.

Hateful content

The government in Kawasaki City, south of Tokyo, has for the first time called for the removal of hateful content from a micro-blogging platform. The city has in fact adopted an ordinance, which was in effect in July, on human rights prohibiting hate speech. The victim of the discriminatory message is Choi Kang-ija, a third generation Korean resident. According to the ordinance, in addition to the suppression of hate messages, criminal sanctions can be launched against the perpetrators.


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