In the press review of Thursday, May 6, we will discuss: three powers pushing for the denuclearization of North Korea, Japan wants to establish a no-fly zone during the Olympics and an NBA player and his brother victims of racism.

North Korea under pressure

The Foreign Ministers of Japan, United States and South Korea on Wednesday affirmed close coordination with the aim of achieving the complete denuclearization of North Korea, the Japanese government said. During a meeting at London, the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Toshimitsu Motegi, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the South Korean Foreign Minister, Chung Eui Yong, agreed to push North Korea to comply with obligations regarding its nuclear and missile programs. It was the first such meeting since the launch in January of the administration of the President of the United States. Joe biden. On Monday, Blinken expressed hope that the North Korea resume negotiations to achieve the goal of denuclearization, stating that the Biden administration has made it clear that it will pursue diplomacy ” convenient “ on this issue, unlike the style of great negotiations employed by Biden’s predecessor, Donald trump.

A no-fly zone for the Olympics

The transport ministry said on Thursday that a no-fly zone would be set up above the sites of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games from July 21 to September 5, as part of measures to prevent terrorism. Regular flights departing or arriving from Tokyo Haneda Airport will not be subject to this restriction, according to the ministry. He said the no-fly zone will be in effect two hours before the start of competitions to one hour after their end, and will cover flights at any altitude. The same restrictions will apply to the opening and closing ceremonies at the National stadium, the main Olympic venue. The no-fly zone will cover a radius of approximately 3 kilometers around the venues during competitions, but will be extended to a radius of 46 kilometers around the national stadium for ceremonies. Events organized outside Tokyo, such as the marathons that will be held at Sapporo, will also be subject to a no-fly zone.

Rui Hachimura and his brother victims of racist insults

The younger brother of Japanese NBA player Rui Hachimura, revealed a message received online that targets the two brothers with anti-black slurs. He says in his message Twitter, that he hopes to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by minorities in the Japan. The brothers were born to a Beninese father and a Japanese mother. Aren Hachimura, who plays basketball for Tôkai University, in Tokyo, shared a screenshot of the message received on Instagram, which says in Japanese that the brothers are “Born in error” and that they “Should die”. In the posts one can repeatedly read the harshest anti-black slurs, while dismissing the two brothers as worthless outside of their basketball skills. “Some people say racial discrimination does not exist in Japan”, said Aren Hachimura, 21, in his message. “But I would like the public to be interested in this question”. Her brother, 23, responded in a comment under the Twitter post, saying “Messages like this arrive almost every day”. Second-year player with the Washington wizards, Rui Hachimura played his 100th game of NBA scoring 27 points on Monday, leading his team to scoring in a 154-141 victory over the Indiana Pacers.


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