In the press review of Thursday, May 27, we will discuss: the government wants to develop digitalization for legislative activities, two defendants for obscene acts in Yokohama and a super moon eclipse.

Legislative digitization

Seeking to allow the deliberations and other legislative activities to be freely published on social media, the Liberal Democrat Party (PLD) will embark on the promotion of digital transformation, learned the Yomiuri Shimbun. The subcommittee of the PLD’s Intellectual Property Strategy Research Commission has compiled a draft law for the use of digital content by members of government and plans to formally summarize its recommendations soon for submission to the government. Currently, lawmakers must obtain government permission to post videos of the proceedings on social media. In order to “Guarantee freedom of political expression and improve the transparency of the governance system”, the committee included in its report the need to revise the law so that videos of this type can be freely distributed on social networks. Promoting digital transformation will not only improve the efficiency of legislative activities, but also lead to the improvement of the work of the staff of the National Library and reforming the way they operate, said a PLD source.

Charges in Yokohama

Two counselors at a children’s counseling center were arrested on May 26 on suspicion of committing indecent acts on girls the center had temporarily placed under protection. Police Kanagawa has stopped Kaito Yagishita, 23, on suspicion of violating child protection law by allegedly committing obscene acts on a schoolgirl who had been temporarily taken into care by a children’s counseling center in Yokohama. Police also arrested Masato ono, 27, suspected of committing indecent acts on a high school student who had also been taken care of by the same center. Both suspects reportedly admitted the allegations. The two suspects were counselors for children temporarily in protection, and they apparently got to know the victims when they were taken into the care of the center. The college student reportedly told police: ” He (Yagishita) was accessible and gave good advice, so I wanted to consult it ”. The two victims reportedly explained to the police that they did not want to destroy the relationship they had with the men.

Lunar eclipse

Residents of Japan were able to glimpse a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening. Astronomers were treated to a rare celestial spectacle lasting approximately 20 minutes. The total eclipse began at 8:09 p.m. and was visible in areas with clear skies. According to’National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the shadow of the earth began to eclipse the moon at 6:44 p.m. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves between the sun and the moon, preventing the sun’s rays from directly reaching the natural satellite. As the Earth’s atmosphere acts like a lens, the moon will not be obscured but will appear in different shades ranging from bright orange to a dark tint, depending on conditions such as atmospheric dust. When the moon gets closer, called perigee, and it coincides with a phenomenon where the earth, the sun and the moon are aligned, a super moon appears. In this case, the moon appears larger when viewed from the Earth. The next time a total lunar eclipse is visible in the Japan, it will be November 8, 2022. The last time it was observed was in July 2018, but it is the first time since September 1997 that a total lunar eclipse has coincided with a super moon in Japan.


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