Discriminating poster | Rescuing a woman

Discriminating poster | Rescue of a woman | Baby tiger in the zoo

In the press review of Tuesday, June 29, we will discuss: the removal of posters discriminating against foreigners, the rescue of a woman by employees of a retirement home and the first steps of a baby tiger at the zoo.

Discriminating poster

To support statistical data on the prevention of illegal work and the prolonged stay of people in an irregular situation, the police department of Mie a made an illustration. In this illustration we can see three people : 2 men and 1 woman holding each a sign on which are marked I don’t have a visa or I have a kitchen / student visa while their outfits are those ofconstruction workers, ofbar hostesses and of low-skilled workers. After a controversy over this discrimination against foreigners, the police removed the image and apologized.

Three nurses rescue a woman

Three employees of a retirement home in the Kyôto department have received from the police, a gratitude letter for their service on June 6. These three women, alerted by a neighbor of the retirement home, went to the nearby viaduct in order toprevent a young woman from committing suicide. For long minutes, before the police arrived, they spoke with the woman, persuading her not to jump. Thanks to them, this person is still alive.

A baby tiger at the zoo

In the town of Mine, in the Yamaguchi department in the west of the country, a baby tiger took his first steps in the zoo. Only a month, the little ball of hair adapts little by little to its environment in an enclosure. The zoo hopes that many visitors will come to see this tiger while it is still small.


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