Did you know that nearly 9,600 km separate Japan from the French capital? This equates to a total of 7 flight hours in summer and 8 in winter. Taking a plane is normally the fastest way to travel between the Land of the Rising Sun and France.

But What to do when your flight is canceled at the last second or you are overbooked and cannot board?

Travelers have rights

You can just wait for the next plane to take off. But know that you have rights that airlines must respect. In case of‘cancellation, delay or delay of flight, for any reason whatsoever; in the event of overbooking, you can claim compensation.

Of course, if you do not do everything to ensure that companies meet their obligations, they will turn a deaf ear. Even today, the findings are quite disappointing. Only 2% of travelers ask for their compensation in the face of this kind of situation. This has notably saved the airlines 450,000 euros each year.

And yet, this nit is not for lack of suffering damage because of these, to say the least, dubious practices of certain companies in matiera of” flight cancellation or overbooking. Not only will you have to delay your return to France, spend hours in the airport, but also, you will have to organize yourself to repair your delay or your absence due to a fault on the plane.

Passenger rights: what does the law say?

When we talk about traveler’s rights, it is not for nothing. European legislation mentioned it in Regulation No 261/2004 implemented in 2005. This law specifies in particular the extent of the compensation that you can receive in compensation for damage caused by the cancellation or overbooking of the flight.

According to this law, precisely, you can receive up to 600 euros refund on the price of your ticketplane, for each passenger in the event of a delay exceeding 3 hours. Depending on the distance, for a flight cancellation or overbooking, this fee can vary between 250 to Around 600 euros.

Obviously, there are all the same conditions to be met in order to receive this compensation. Especially, the law requires that you take a European airline. And in some cases, especially in the event of a flight cancellation or delay that is not due to a misconduct by that company, such as inclement weather, for example, refunds may be forfeited.

You would have understood it, the price of compensation in the event of‘flight cancellation or overbookinghave nothing to do with the one on your ticket. However, it may vary depending on the distance, theimportance of the delays and damages you will have suffered due to overbooking.

How s‘get out ?

It all sounds complicated to say the least. This is all the more the case if you are new to all these administrative procedures for requesting flight reimbursements. To get you out of this, you have specialist companies like Flightright to help you out. For several years, the latter has been the compensation specialist for a canceled flight.. It only takes a few clicks on its digital platform to be guided. The procedures are simple and fast.

There are more and more companies of this kind today.. They are intended to protect travelers from certain airline abuses. They hire experts who support you at every stage of the process to enable you to receive your compensation as quickly as possible.

Paying him a 27% commission on your collections is not very expensive. And if the experts have beenfailed, which nIt happens that in only 1% of cases, its services cost you nothing.

According to surveys, it seems that passengers generally find it difficult to claim their due from airlines because the latter purposely complicate and prolong the process for reimbursement requests.

But with professional collection companies like Flightright, this nis no longer a problemth. You njust enter your data on the platform of the latterera and she takes care of everything until” the payment of your recovery. They go so far as to defend you at the level of legal and judicial bodies if necessary in order to assert your right.

How long do you have to make a claim?

It would be best to react immediately. As soon as your flight has been canceled from Japan or you have not been able to board, you can directly contact the specialists to assert your rights. The procedures will be simpler and the payment faster.

But know that if you have been a victim of” an abuse of European companies 5 years ago, there is still time to claim your compensations. You have 5 years to react. All you need to do is remember the details of your flight : departure and arrival airport, the day of your flight, etc. These are data that must be entered on the Flightright platform.

Collection specialists offer you an online simulator that will allow you to‘just evaluate l‘importance of your compensations. Which might prompt you to react. Whether it is a cancellation that dates from a week or 5 years ago, refunds always vary between 250 to 600 euros. The delay in your reaction does not affect the duties of the airline in question. Be careful, however,he success of your compensation claim process also and above all depends on the abilities of your advisor. Choose one who has several years of experience in the field and who has a high success rate in its reimbursement requests.

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