Dose planning | Unfair competition

Dose planning | Unfair competition | Funeral ashes

In the press review of Wednesday, July 7, we will discuss: the management of the supply of vaccine doses, a chain of sushi restaurants suspected of unfair competition and the return of the remains of the leader of the Aum sect.

Late supply

Tarô Kôno, minister administrative reform in charge of vaccination, announced that the number of vaccine doses Moderna available at the end of June was only 13.7 million. A number well below the 40 million doses initially planned. The Minister went on to explain that this reduction 66% of the doses were in consultation with Moderna and that the rest of the vaccines will arrive for the month of September.

A chain of restaurants suspected

The Kappa sushi restaurant chain is suspected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police of unfair competition. President from the company, Koki Tanabe would have obtained of sales information from a competitor for which he worked. According to the start of the investigation, it would be a former colleague high-ranking official who provided him with these data on a daily basis. The Kappa Sushi company has announced that it is fully collaborating with the authorities by providing all the necessary information.

Remains of a criminal

The Tokyo Superior Court yesterday announced the restitution of the ashes of Shôkô Asahara, founder of the Aum sect responsible for the sarin gas attack in the metro in 1995, to his second daughter. Nevertheless, the authorities are always reluctant and worried at the idea of ​​giving the leftovers, for fear that they become objects of worship for the sectarian group Aleph, a successor group to Aum.


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