Dose reduction | A-bomb victims

Dose reduction | Victims of the A-bomb | Bear in the north

In the press review of Thursday, July 15, we will discuss: the reduction in the number of doses allocated to certain municipalities, the legal victory of 84 people who were victims of the atomic bomb and the increase in injuries linked to brown bears.

Sufficient stocks?

Municipalities from Sapporo, Nagoya and Osaka expressed their dissatisfaction vis-à-vis the government’s plan to reduce the allocated doses in areas where it considers that they are in sufficient quantity. Municipalities explain that they have need these 10% additional vaccines for to overcome any eventuality. Without it, theadministration of second doses could be delayed. The government indicated, in response, that these stocks will be managed by each department, allowing them to adjust the necessary quotas according to the average daily number of injections.

Victims finally recognized

A Japanese court has recognized 84 people eligible for a health allowance of State. In [1945, these people were victims of radioactive rains due to the explosion of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. After a long fight, these people are finally considered to have suffered from these rains, even if they were not in the area delimited by the government to be eligible for this aid.

Dangerous bear

The department of Hokkaidô identified, this year, highest number of injuries and deaths, since 1962, linked to brown bears living in the area. There are 9 cases, some of which are still being studied to confirm whether or not bears are responsible. This increase is the result of the disappearance, with town planning, these buffer zones separating the wild life from the city. This proximity gradually made less fearful bears humans, sometimes leading to tragic accidents.


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