Do you know how many onomatopoeias there are in the Japanese language? Over 4,000! It is also the language that counts the most in the world! Even without speaking Japanese, lovers of films, anime, manga have inevitably already seen and heard them as they are present on a daily basis in the language of Mishima. Charmed by this particularity, a Franco-Japanese family took on the challenge of listing them in an illustrated book. Presentation !

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It all started in Rouen, in a Franco-Japanese family “the M & M & M & M’s”. The two children aged 10 and 15 respectively, Maïté and Maceo (as well as their daddy Mohammed) are learning Japanese, the language of their Japanese mother, Misa.

During this apprenticeship, they discover onomatopoeias, which did not fail to arouse their interest. Thanks to these words we can express a noise, a feeling, an emotion, a state of mind … To make this singularity known, the family decided to write a book dedicated to them: a book detailing a selection of Japanese onomatopoeias in French but also in English and Japanese in order to reach the widest possible readership.

The writing of the book, titled “Shuwa-Shuwa”, took no less than 18 months of effort to the small family. It was not only necessary to select the onomatopoeias, to write their definition, but also to choose the illustrations that would accompany them.

To do this, it is not less than 100 illustrators from 35 countries (Brazil, New Zealand, Qatar, France, Kazakhstan, Belgium…) who collaborated on the family project. Parents remember: “Everyone gave their drawn vision of an onomatopoeia with our children Maïté and Maceo, who are the little“ heroes ”in each illustration. “

The “M & M & M & M’s” family has created accounts dedicated to their book on instagram, facebook,, youtube, twitter, Tik-Tok so that Internet users do not miss any information.

“Shuwa-Shuwa”, available for pre-order, is ready to print. The only thing missing is the success of the Kickstarter campaign launched until March 11. That’s all Poulpy wishes them by crossing his tentacles!

S. Barret

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