Economy of the coronavirus | Nuclear waste

Economy of the coronavirus | Nuclear waste | Counter-espionage

In the press review of this Friday, October 9, we will discuss: The economic impacts of the health crisis on households, the new nuclear waste site in Hokkaido, and finally the new counterintelligence division.

Household health economics

According to Japanese government data, the health crisis would have had a strong negative impact on household spending and income. During the month of August, the average salary was 273,263 yen (about 2,100 euros), it is down 1.3 percent compared to last year at the same time. Household spending would have fallen by 6.8%, air travel costs by 95.9% and overtime would have decreased by 14%. New infections in Tokyo amount to 203 new cases. The total number of people confirmed positive is now 27,320 people in the capital.

Nuclear waste site

The municipalities of Suttsu and Kamoenai in Hokkaido in northern Japan have announced their candidacy to officially become sites for Japanese nuclear waste. The plan of the Ministry of the Economy, responsible for this competition, is very controversial. The proposal would have been motivated by scientific studies demonstrating that this area was geologically suitable to accommodate this load. The two cities would have legitimized their decision by referring to their situation of the powerful economic decline of the region. The acceptance phases can take several years (a priori 2 years for the first stage) and the city could receive nearly 2 billion yen (around 17 million euros) during this period.

New Counterintelligence Division

According to the NHK, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is planning a reorganization of the foreign affairs divisions in order to strengthen counter-intelligence against North Korea and China. The office currently has 3 divisions, one dealing with the affairs of Russia and European countries, another concerning Asian countries and the third aimed at gathering information on international terrorism (including the Islamic state). A fourth division specializing in North Korean and Chinese affairs is reportedly underway and is expected to be established in April next year.


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