Well, here we are, we are publishing our paper journal on the theme of sexuality in Japan. I hope we don’t shock anyone with the subject. In any case, we have done our best to remain true to our identity and to treat the theme with the open and objective spirit that we have observed for 30 issues.

Only one difference should be noted, this month you will not find our “cultures and events” pages, because, to be honest, this issue was supposed to be basically a summer special, as it is. tradition in the world of the press. Finally, it was not possible to meet the deadlines, but instead of waiting an additional year to publish our articles, we decided not to do like everyone else and to offer you this subject as a back-to-school dossier.

You will therefore find two additional pages since the subject is far too vast to be treated in three articles. It is therefore in contrast that you will discover the two sides of the subject, the first pages as usual, and the last ones on what is taboo but which fully deserves to be observed and understood without boasting.

Between clichés, fantasies and reality, the sexuality of the Japanese is the subject that spills a lot of ink in our generalist media, and unfortunately they only feed it with incomprehension and extremism. Alas geishas, ​​tentacles and old perverts will always be present in the Western collective consciousness for many years to come …

To help you, forget the Judeo-Christian dogma in your system of thinking. Note that this has hardly affected the Japanese archipelago. Indeed, Japanese mythology by its animist culture participates in the guilt of sexual acts and ignores sin.

And it is very likely because Japan sought to go beyond Western models that censorship came to pressure under the Meiji era (1868-1912) to the point of completely banning pornography during World War II.

A word on the situation of the newspaper: we are holding on but remain very aware of the current context. Your subscriptions are more than necessary for the rest of the title. Keep talking about us around you. This is the best way to do 30 new numbers!

Thanking you again for your support and wishing you an excellent discovery of this journal!


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