Specific characteristics of the manga genre, we often retain the large eyes of its characters. Our monthly journal brings us into the world of Japanese comics and animation.

The manga is everywhere in Japan, impossible not to meet this graphic style when you are in the Archipelago. Business and marketing have understood that these designs are a boon and they are not shying away from it.

A theme that we tried to tackle as usual, knowing that we are not experts on the issue and that there are already many specialists and productions in French. Let us quote one of our colleagues, the magazine ATOM, for those who want to go further in their reading.

Also, this month, it seemed important to me to discuss and raise awareness of the problem of project creation around Japan, which is becoming commonplace. For our part, we privilege information in order to raise awareness. But it happens that we face behaviors at the antipodes of the foundations of Japan info.

You know, content about Japan is trendy, the Olympics oblige. Between websites, blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, print magazines, ephemeral e-shops, thematic boxes, events, associations and videos, we would not have enough pages in this newspaper to collect them all. As everywhere, there is everything, the excellent as well as the mediocre, or we dare say more still, the very misleading.

Let’s explain. In most of these situations, people ignore the laws, have no declared activity and do not pay applicable taxes. They derive income from the sale of items, services, advertising, partnerships, crowdfunding or jackpots illegally. They have a total ignorance of copyright and journalism. Or on the contrary, they master it, but take advantage of the unsaid and collective ignorance to change things.

So as long as it remains in an amateur setting, we don’t really see a problem, but when they impose a pseudo notoriety by using a professional image thanks to the games of communication and emotion… It seems to us totally disloyal .

Under the guise of passion, sharing and love for Japan, everything goes and nobody knows how to react!

Just be careful when you see a gorgeous retouched image of a Fuji with cherry blossoms, a cute Totoro design with thousands of “likes” or buy a T-shirt from your favorite manga on a suspicious site.

Tell yourself that you approve of the actions of these individuals, and contribute to their success by leaving a comment, a Like or by making a purchase.

In this particular period, it seems essential to all of us to stick together. Offer your attention to people or structures who have talent and who go out of their way to offer you originality and quality.

Due to lack of space, we invite you to find our recommendations about Japan.

Happy reading!

The editorial staff of Japon infos


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