Here we are with you in 2021, an adventure, that of Japan info that we love to tell you and offer you as a thank you for all your confidence for the year 2020.

This editorial is the occasion for several things or, if you prefer to be within the norm, call it “resolutions”.

Wish you all our best wishes with our card to find inside your journal.

Inform you about our new projects.

Give you dynamism and energy to carry out our and your new projects in 2021.

Give you wings, because it is thanks to you that Japan info exists and that the best way to help you in 2021 is to share with you what inspired and led us to this happy experience. We remind you, moreover, that you have until January 19 in order to bring our 3-year book to life.

Offer you an ever deeper experience in information without sinking into the technological whole.

We are a slow media about Japan for over 3 years, and we offer you another information experience.

The one that seems to us to be the healthiest and that should be the norm.

News bulimia, our bad consumption of information and the psychological pressure of social networks have made us lose the notion of the pleasure of informing ourselves, of educating ourselves and of learning. For the younger generations, who were born in a world already connected where everything is already at hand, it seems important to us to be there and to propose a solution other than “junk info”, sensationalist, emotional, spiced with fake news and demagoguery.

Believe us, and even more today because COVID has accelerated the process, it seems legitimate to us to keep our line of conduct,

that a return to man and to the essential like having the right to take one’s time.

As always, a big thank you for your trust and for your loyalty to promote Japan info, since it is the best way for our adventure to continue.

PS: You must have noticed, the November issue arrived in December. For more cohesion, we title this issue January. Know that we are doing our best to deliver the missing journal and continue to offer you 10 publications per year.

Adrien Leuci – Director of publication
Pierre-Étienne de Lazzer – Editorial director


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