February begins with a great dynamic at Japan info. Thanks to our subscribers and other loyal supporters, we are pleased to be able to finance our anniversary book project and show that a slow media like ours has its place in today’s world. We are proud to present our 34e paper number of Japan info on relations between the United States and Japan, with a light mind about the rest of our writing.

The success is there, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t come from the sky. Even if all the euphoria of obtaining a result over 130% of our initial objective is present, we remain realistic because we know that this success is also the work of all those who trust us. Whether they are our faithful from the first hour or new participants who discover our production and whom we hope to satisfy.

We launched this crowdfunding campaign at a difficult time, during the Christmas holidays. We were warned by the platform Ulule that it would not be easy to convince at this time. However, we needed to evaluate our project and have its membership validated without artifice.

The COVID Crisis affected all economic forecasts, but we wanted to get out of this slump and turn the tide by putting the ominous birds to lie.

It’s done !

Thanks to this crowdfunding successful, we can legitimize our position of “slow media”, far from the logic of mass marketing where the stupidity of likes, followers, views, and other virtual counters trumps creation, quality, intelligence, and honesty.

We sincerely thank all our support because this “real” answer authenticates our place. As a result, we will be able to continue to develop our services and our new projects while always remaining faithful to these values!

Nice surprises will come to enhance subscriptions to Japan info during the year 2021 and we can’t wait to show them. See you in the next editorial to find out more.

For latecomers, know that it is always possible to pre-order our anniversary book via our store on our website and very soon in our new space open to the public in Toulouse!

Adrien Leuci – Director of publication
Pierre-Étienne de Lazzer – Editorial director


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