Like our subject this month about childhood in Japan, it seems important to us to tell you about our evolution and the conditions in which Japon infos is growing up. You know the exceptional period that we are going through deserves that we pay more attention to the world around us. Trying not to stand still in the face of this situation is also a matter of survival.

The question that comes up most often is “how to act?” “

The first answer we found was to learn to take care of ourselves. Experience has taught us that we must first take care of ourselves before wanting to help others.

It may seem simplistic, but if we want to make Japan Info grow, we are faced with an obvious fact that asks us to no longer economize on our well-being. Fortunately, we are far from the beginnings of our entrepreneurial adventure, where we did not count our hours and the energy expended. Time has certainly warned us and perhaps made us wiser?
In any case, it seems to us more important than ever to assert our identity as “slow media” and to deploy the benefits.

We realize that not everyone will like us. However, our experience and the new normal tells us that it would not be healthy to evolve in a one-way road where competition reigns supreme …

In 2021, we must no longer be unreasonable in confining our society’s problems solely to our policies. Let’s stop believing that with less we can always have more. Instead, let’s try to see how much we already have with little.

Also Japan, has taught us a lot about ourselves, this country has, like ours, many faults. But, it would be a lie to tell you that it does not matter to us in our personal development.

“Zen Buddhism and my visit to Eiheiji monastery, lost in the mountains of the old province of Echizen, still resonates and even more today. This reconnection to myself allowed me to move the project forward. that you hold in your hands, and I hope he can offer you as much.

Adrien Leuci

Thanking you for your patience and your kindness. Excellent reading.

Adrien Leuci, Director of publication
and Pierre-Étienne de Lazzer, Editor-in-chief.


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