To tell the truth, not having mastered the LGBTQ + theme, I will devote this editorial to a completely different subject and will only venture to risk a comparison interesting my personal history and its links with that of Japon infos.

The subject of this issue reminds us of how sensitive minorities all over the world are, and even in Japan. This sensitivity is something that seems to me to be universal. Whenever a group of individuals feels excluded, denigrated, threatened, our sensitivities bring out impressive things.

Being a person of a sufficiently sensitive nature, I measure, today, what this particularity allowed me to achieve, whereas it had failed me so much in the past.

The project Japan info is, of course, one of the consequences, and I am very happy to announce that this sensitivity, once again made its own.

Indeed, we had to move during the month of May, because we had to leave our previous premises in September. This change forced us to find a new location, after extensive research, in order to accommodate our editorial staff, but also the other activities of our company, such as Japanese language training… and more.

It is a pleasure to announce that we now offer, in the historic center of Toulouse, a Japanese space accessible to the general public. Stemming from our past, between artistic performance and event work, this new project is the result of our desire to offer Toulouse women and men a total experience around Japanese culture, at the level of the 4e city ​​in France.

We already had a lot of work to do when this incredible opportunity presented itself to us (finalization of our anniversary book and delay of our paper issues …), but our sensitivity told us that it was THE right time and that we should not. not pass up this opportunity.

It is therefore after more than 18 weeks of work, where every Sunday we have worked on the renovation of the premises, that we are very happy to announce the opening of Machi-ya. A Japanese space where an exhibition gallery, school, editorial office and boutique coexist …

This name was chosen in reference to the old Japanese village houses that we find today mainly in the old quarters of Japan as in Kyoto, because the premises are itself an old building of wood and fairground bricks.

We will be very happy to welcome you if you are in Toulouse or if you pass by (10 place du Parlement).

We are leaving, without delay, “on the coal” to deliver our anniversary book to you during this summer.

Thank you for your trust and patience, happy reading.

Adrien Leuci: director of publication


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