End of the state of emergency | Electronics factory on fire

End of the state of emergency | Electronics factory on fire | Suicide on the rise

In the press review of this Monday, March 22, we will discuss: The end of the state of emergency following the Covid-19 in Tokyo and in the neighboring departments, fire in the Renesas Electronics Corp. factory. and Japanese student suicides on the rise in 2020.

End of the COVID-19 state of emergency

Japan ended the state of emergency following Covid-19 in the Tokyo region and in the neighboring departments of Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama on Sunday at midnight. These are the last areas of the country that were still under this restriction since early January 2021. Despite the end of the state of emergency, local authorities will continue to ask restaurants and bars to close earlier until the end of the year. March. At the same time, the government will expand the testing and detection of mutant strains. He also wants to avoid a new state of emergency by advancing vaccinations against Covid-19 and strengthening their medical systems.

Fire in a semiconductor factory

The large semiconductor maker Renesas Electronics Corp. shut down some of its production lines since the fire at its main factory on March 19. The fire burned about 600 square meters of a clean room. The fire damaged 11 units of manufacturing equipment, or 2% of all equipment inside the building. The incident is another blow to an auto industry that had previously been forced to cut production due to a shortage of microchips. Company officials said it is inevitable that the fire will have a direct fallout on the industrial sector and affect it more. ” We will find a way to resume production within a month with the greatest effort.“Said Hidetoshi Shibata, President of Renesas Electronics.

Suicides among Japanese youth

The number of suicides among schoolchildren in Japan reached 499 in 2020, 100 more than a year earlier and marking the highest level on record since the 1980s. The health ministry attributed the increase to concerns of young people regarding their studies and careers, as well as the many family conflicts that have emerged since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of those 499 suicides, 14 were in elementary school, an increase of six from 2019, 146 were in middle school, or an increase of 34, and 339 were in high school, 60 more than in 2019. Some Experts suspect that celebrity suicides, such as actor Haruma Miura in July 2020 and actress Yuko Takeuchi in September 2020, may also have contributed to the increase.


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