Evacuation plans | Hanami under control

Evacuation plans | Hanami under control | Baseball returns

In the press review of this Friday, March 19, we will discuss: the insufficiency of the evacuation plans of the nuclear power station n ° 2 of Tôkai, the gatherings to admire the cherry blossoms and the return of the national tournament inter-high schools baseball.

Insufficient evacuation plans at Tôkai power plant

The Mito District Court, which ordered the suspension of the Tôkai No.2 nuclear power plant on March 18, also criticized local authorities for failing to draw up realistic evacuation plans for residents. The 14 municipalities concerned within the radius of 30 kilometers around the plant, have a total population of 940,000 inhabitants who must be evacuated in the event of an accident. However, only five municipalities managed to draw up an evacuation plan, but according to the court, they do not have a system that can be applied. For the other nine municipalities, they have not yet established an evacuation plan, one of the main obstacles is to find a means of transport to take the residents to their evacuation site.

Disapproval of ” hanami »In Tokyo

Yoshino cherry blossoms began blooming on March 14 in central Tokyo, on par with last year for the earliest flowering seen. While the event typically receives over 3 million visitors a year, there have been calls for people to refrain from viewing the flowers. Near the river, signs indicating ” please refrain from gathering to admire the cherry blossoms Have been installed. Also, all nighttime illuminations as well as other festive events around this spectacle of nature have been canceled. A 50-year-old company employee living nearby said: “ It’s a little sad, but I’ll go enjoy them early in the morning and avoid the crowds. “

Resumption of the national inter-high school baseball tournament

After a two-year hiatus, the country’s top high school baseball teams returned to Nishimomiya in Hyôgo County for a national tournament. The six teams playing on March 19 marched through Hanshin Koshien Stadium for the opening ceremony. Normally, the 32 teams participating in the competition make a big entrance into the stadium but precautions have been necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic. The thirty teams will compete against each other during the 13 days. However, the large crowds that traditionally fill the stands at the Koshien will also be affected. Indeed, each school will only be allowed to bring in 1,000 students and other people to encourage the team.


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