Bikers and motorcycle fans should know the ARAI brand. It is the essential of motorcycle equipment. In particular, it offers helmets of great beauty and exceptional quality to ensure your comfort and safety on the road.

History of the brand

Of Japanese origin, ARAI is a family business that has been ensuring the safety of professional pilots and two-wheelers for 3 generations. With years of experience, it currently enjoys an excellent reputation. Adored by its customers and jealous of the competition, it is present on the international market, thanks precisely to the know-how of its experts. It obviously respects the standards in force for each country. The Arai helmet in France is ECE 22.05 approved.

The brand meets certain commitment criteria which guarantee the quality of its services. For example, it advocates function over style and the quality of its products much more than its benefits. Not only are the helmets safe to use, they also guarantee you optimal user comfort on the road. To become a staple in the market, the brand not only makes a point of refining its products, but also carefully chooses the best materials. She takes the time to work on both the exterior and the interior of her helmets for unique accessories, with exceptional, modern and design renderings.

The advantages of ARAI helmets

For several years, ARAI helmets have been the stars of the market. This is good because of a few advantages:

If ARAI has made a name for itself in the motorcycle equipment market, it is thanks to security level offered by its products. During a fall on a motorcycle, it is one of the rare brands, including the helmet, to promise a ricochet effect. It slips on the road and ricochets off obstacles to limit damage.

  • A design of great beauty

The mask is of a remarkable design. It encompasses the entire head and is fairly round in shape. It also embeds a VAS screen with a variable axis. This provides optimal visibility. And in order to offer fine and perfectly thought out lines, ARAI preferred to rely on a 2-point pivot system rather than a fixed objective.

  • A resistant and secure helmet

The brand offers you a resistant and secure helmet. With its metal cone, it can withstand a lot of pressure and a fall from a certain height. The shock is partly absorbed by inner polystyrene caps with a density of 5. It’s also a helmet that will last you for years and be easy to maintain.

  • High-end materials

For the manufacture of its helmets, the brand relies on high-end materials. The outer part is in particular made of composite fiber. This ensures its robustness and lightness. During the tests, the helmet was able to withstand a weight of 3 kg, and this, on a fall from 3 m high.

  • Exceptional ease of use

Lightweight and comfortable, ARAI helmets are aimed in particular at professional runners. On average, they weigh between 1200 and 1600 g in order to limit the constraints associated with wearing these accessories on the track. This does not compromise the quality and durability of the products.

Products available for French bikers

With the ARAI brand, pilots have the choice between different product ranges:

It is one of the most elegant models of the Arai brand. Without chin bars and with an XXL screen, it is the ideal helmet for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts.

More imposing with its visor, the Arai tour X4 adapts to all driver profiles, but especially for those who like to tease the asphalt in the city center. It is elegant and simple. Which does not spoil anything.

Arai EX7 is one of those which has obtained ECE 22.05 and SNELL M2010 / 2015 certification. It is made of composite fiber and is exceptionally strong. Enough to ensure perfect safety on the road.

For athletes, we recommend the Arai QV-Pro more. It is an accessory with a sunscreen and which will guarantee you optimal visibility on the road.

Chaser is the only range that offers RX7-V ventilation. In this collection you will have the choice between the Arai Chaser X and Chaser V. The difference lies in the size and performance of the accessories.

Arai Renegade is distinguished by its optimal ventilation and its high resistance. Lightweight and comfortable, it is the ideal ally for sports pilots like those who like to tease the asphalt with their two wheels.

It is the latest addition to the brand and embeds in this sense a wide range of new technology. The Profil V has, among other things, a chin bar and an anti-fog screen which ensures optimal comfort of use.

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