Extended vacations | Maintenance of the Games

Extended vacations | Maintenance of the Games | Bear attack

In the press review of this Friday, October 23, we will discuss: The request of the Minister in charge of the coronavirus to extend the end-of-year vacation, the maintenance and reimbursement of tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and finally the attacks of ‘Bear in Fukui.

Extended Winter Holidays

The Japanese minister in charge of the pandemic has requested that companies extend their end-of-year vacation periods. This measure would serve, among other things, to ensure that travelers can stagger their trips. The vacation period would be extended until January 11 for both large companies and civil servants. He also intends to call on the population not to clog up public places for their winter holidays and also to halloween which is fast approaching.

Maintenance and reimbursement of the Olympic Games

According to NHK, the organizing committee for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games is planning to reimburse tickets sold in Japan. This would be to anticipate the non-attendance of some people who could not go there next year. Refunds would be possible for almost 20 days from November 10 for the Olympic Games and from December for the Paralympic Games. The other tickets remain valid for next year. During a press conference, Prime Minister Suga expressed his desire to maintain the Olympic Games as proof that humanity has overcome the global pandemic. The measures are studied so as to prevent possible infections.

Bear attacks kill 3 people

3 people were injured on Friday as a result of a bear attack in the department of Fukui. The animal would have attacked with claws, at the level of the neck, an employee of the Japan Railways at the station of JR Tsuruga. He then allegedly attacked a worker at a railroad construction site in Shinkansen. He allegedly attacked and bit his limbs, then fled by climbing the scaffolding before being shot by the hunters. Police said the animal was 1m long. About 2 hours later, 6 km from the city center, a woman in her sixties was also attacked on the head and right arm in her garage. Most such incidents, sometimes fatal, normally take place in Hokkaido in northern Japan.


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