Extension of the state of emergency | Illegal flights

Extension of the state of emergency | Illegal thefts | Bones found

In the press review of this Friday, March 05, we will discuss: The government recommends extending the state of emergency for the Tokyo region, a group of citizens calls on the government to stop low-altitude flights by the army and the bones of 8 people found in a cave near the site of the Battle of Okinawa.

Government recommends extending state of emergency for Tokyo region

The government has recommended extending the state of emergency, which is due to expire on Sunday for the Tokyo region, for two weeks. Announced early today by Yasutoshi Nishimura, the move came after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga strongly indicated on Wednesday that he wanted to extend the measure by nearly two months, saying it is ” an extremely important period for the prevention of infections“. Mr. Nishimura said the extension for Tokyo and the three adjacent departments will help cope with the mutant strains and prevent the emergence of a new wave of infections. He also said that the pressure on the medical system is one of the reasons for this extension.

Group of citizens calls for a halt to US military low-level flights

A group of citizens called on the Japanese government to end repeated low-level flights of US military helicopters in Japan, illegal for Japanese planes. The Japanese Peace Committee, stressed that these irregular flights, which not only cause noise nuisance but constitute a danger in the event of an accident, have been confirmed throughout Japan. Indeed, these flights are below the minimum acceptable altitude in densely populated areas, as set by the law on civil aeronautics. ” We call for a full investigation into the truth of what is happening, and we strongly urge the US government to immediately end these thefts.“Said the group.

Bones of 8 people found in a cave near the site of the Battle of Okinawa

The excavation of a cave in Itoman in the Okinawa Department uncovered the bones of six adults and two children who probably died during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. The bones were collected in late February and March by Mirai-o-tsumugu-borantia, a group of volunteers who search for the bones and objects of the war dead. Based on the shoes and equipment found around the remains, the group believe the adults were Japanese soldiers. A fountain pen with the name ” Nakagawa »Engraved on it as well as buttons which seem to have belonged to American soldiers were also found there. The group plans to request DNA tests on the remains for identification and hopes to return them to their families. ” Bereaved families are getting older” , did he declare.


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