In the press review of Wednesday, April 21, we will discuss: Japan will receive 50 million additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine, state of emergency declared in Osaka and finally a woman in her fifties unconscious after a collapsed staircase.

Japan receives 50 million more vaccines

Japan expects to receive 50 million more doses of vaccine COVID-19 of Pfizer after the Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga asked the pharmaceutical company to increase its supplies. With the existing agreements with Pfizer, and Moderna, the Japan is now ready to provide enough vaccines for the estimated 110 million people, aged 16 and over. In a parliamentary session, Suga reaffirmed that the government expects stocks to cover all eligible people by the end of September. The deployment of vaccines Japan has lagged behind other countries, whose Britain and the United States, due to the slow approval process and EU export controls. According to government data, just over 1.2 million healthcare workers and around 19,000 people aged 65 or older had received at least one of two mandatory injections as of Monday, or about 1% of the country’s population. The Department of Health, Labor and Welfare has only approved the Pfizer vaccine so far, with the Moderna vaccine due to be given the green light as early as next month.

State of health emergency declared in Osaka

The Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga decided to declare a new state of emergency in the department of Osaka due to the increase in severe cases of COVID-19 which are straining its medical system, we learned Tuesday from government sources. The governor of Osaka, Hirofumi Yoshimura, said it intends to shut down major commercial and leisure facilities such as theme parks and department stores, in addition to current measures including asking restaurants and bars to reduce their working hours. opening. After meeting with the Minister of Health, Norihisa Tamura, and the minister responsible for the fight against the coronavirus, Yasutoshi Nishimura, the Japanese Prime Minister told reporters that the government will consider Osaka’s request for a state of emergency and come to a conclusion ” fast “. This declaration would be the third since the start of the coronavirus pandemic early last year, and would come just three months before the start of Tokyo Olympics. The capital would like to make the same requests in the coming days.

Collapse of a staircase in the suburbs of Tokyo

A woman in her 50s remained unconscious after the metal staircase of an apartment she was climbing yielded from a height of about two meters, Hachioji Police Station said. Part of the staircase connecting the first and second floors of a three-story building in the city of Hachioji, in the suburbs of Tokyo, collapsed. The stairs suddenly collapsed, dragging the woman up the stairs with it. Although the steps of the staircase are made of metal, it appears that the wooden side parts, which were decomposed, broke and caused the accident. The woman was injured and is in serious condition. Hachioji Police Station Investigate the incident with suspicion of professional negligence resulting in injury, as it is possible that the decomposition of the stairs caused the accident. Although the apartment was built less than 10 years ago, the eight families who occupied it were apparently evacuated to nearby hotels and friends, as rot was found in other parts of the building. .


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