Fire under control | Ghosn case

Fire under control | Ghosn case | COVID-19: Investigation

In the press review of this Tuesday, March 02, we will discuss: the fire of Tochigi under control after 9 days of fighting, Americans suspected of having helped Ghosn to escape are arrested in Japan and hospitals are refusing COVID patients- 19 with a mental handicap.

The Tochigi fire brought under control after 9 days

The blaze in Tochigi County, which firefighters fought from the air and on the ground for nine days, was finally brought under control. Some 106 hectares were burned. First in a mountain forest near Mount Ryogaisan then approaching the inhabited areas of the city of Ashikaga. The government lifted the evacuation advisory for 305 homes in the path of the fire. The Ashikaga city government confirmed in the late afternoon of March 1 that the blaze would likely not spread further as it was deemed to be under control. Firefighters on the ground will continue to extinguish the remaining flames to contain it completely.

Americans on suspicion of helping Ghosn escape arrested in Japan

Michael Taylor, 60, and his son Peter Taylor, 28, are accused of aiding the former Nissan executive. Recall that Carlos Ghosn fled Japan in 2019 while he was on bail. The businessman was to be tried for embezzlement and underestimation of his compensation, in billions of yen, in financial reports spanning several years. The Taylors fought their extradition, but their appeal was dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court in February. The two suspects were taken into custody in Japan. Japanese prosecutors also obtained an arrest warrant for George Zayek, 61, a U.S. citizen born in Lebanon, who is believed to have collaborated with the Taylors for Ghosn’s escape.

Hospitals turn away COVID-19 patients with mental disabilities

The Japan Psychiatric Hospital Association, based in Tokyo’s Minato district, sent questionnaires to 1,192 member hospitals and received responses from 524 of them. The investigation revealed that 1,012 patients hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals tested positive for the coronavirus between March 2020 and January 2021. They had to be transferred to other medical establishments, but 631 of these patients (or 62.4 %) ” could not be transferred“, While 381 patients (or 37.6%) “Have been relocated”, according to the survey. Some of these patients have died from COVID-19, and experts fear more of them will end up with insufficient treatment.


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