First vaccinations | Priority groups

First vaccinations | Priority groups | Tokyo Olympics

In the press review of this Wednesday, February 17, we will discuss: Japan is launching its first vaccinations against COVID-19, the vaccination dates according to the priority groups, and the minister in charge of the Olympic Games would replace the president of the organizing committee.

Japan launches its first vaccinations against COVID-19

Japan launched its first vaccinations against the new coronavirus on Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Tokyo National Hospitals Organization medical center in the Meguro district. The director of the Tokyo medical center, Kazuhiro Araki, was the first to receive the inoculation. After their vaccinations, hospital staff waited 15 minutes in an observation area not far from the vaccination site in case of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. Side effects such as pain during the injection have been reported. 84.3% felt this pain and 62.9% complained of fatigue, among other symptoms.

Vaccination dates according to priority groups

The vaccine requires two doses given three weeks apart. Tokyo Medical Center said it plans to vaccinate around 800 people in the first priority group. After that, the vaccination should be given to the remaining 3.7 million medical workers. Second-priority vaccinations for around 36 million elderly people are expected to start as early as April, followed by vaccination of around 8.2 million people with underlying illnesses. And finally, those for the rest of the population should start this summer.

The minister in charge of the Olympic Games would replace the president of the organizing committee

The committee responsible for selecting a new president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee met on Wednesday and agreed to appoint Seiko Hashimoto, Minister in charge of the Olympic Games and former Olympic medalist. She would succeed Yoshiro Mori, who announced his resignation last week following sexist comments. The nomination of Seiko Hashimoto has yet to be confirmed by organizers, and some media say the race is still open, citing other potential candidates like Yasuhiro Yamashita, president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, or Mikako Kotani, sports director of Tokyo 2020.


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