Flight and asylum | Strong winds

Flight and asylum | Strong winds | Renewable energies

In the press review of Wednesday, July 21, we will discuss: the flight of a Ugandan sportsman in Japan, the arrival of a typhoon in Okinawa and the country’s new energy plan.


Ugandan man missing has been found today in the Yokkaichi town, in the department of Mie. This athlete had to at the base participate in the Olympics as that weightlifter. But while his team was residing in Osaka for training, it was decided thathe had to return home. On the day of his departure, he finally took the train to Nagoya, not wishing to return to his homeland, and applied for asylum in Japan. This case is a offense quite serious with respect to protocol anti-covid, prohibiting all travel within the country.

Approaching Typhoon

The Japanese meteorological agency announced the imminent arrival of the sixth typhoon of the year on the islands ofOkinawa. Strong winds were recorded and it is expected that the speed of these winds be understood between 90 and 180 km / h according to the islands. Currently the typhoon is 230 kilometers off the coast of Okinawa and should touch the Sakashima Islands in three days.

New energy plan

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry unveiled its revised energy transition plan. This plan aims to increase the share of renewable energies in electricity production. The goal, that for 2030 the share of renewable energies reaches 36 to 38%. Ultimately, in order to decarbonize society, the objective of 0% CO2 emissions for 2050 has also been announced. Discussions on nuclear power are also continuing, but it does not seem that a reduction in power plants is planned.


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