Flood risks | Controversial hotel

Flood risks | Controversial hotel | Film industry

In the press review of Monday, July 12, we will discuss: the alert for risks of flood and landslide in the department of Shimane, a hotel in Tokyo under fire from critics for a separation of elevators between Japanese and foreigners and the huge difference in treatment between men and women in the film industry.

Maximum alert

The maximum meteorological alert (level 5/5) was declared by the authorities for all southwest of Japan. Meteorologists fear floods and mudslides. The town of Unnan, in the department of Shimane, for example, is subject to rainfall of about 100 millimeters of rain per hour. The inhabitants of the region have been alerted and urged to be careful and to evacuate as much as possible.

Discrimination in the elevator

A hotel in the capital has come under fire recently for a sign present in the elevators. In photos taken by anonymous people, we could read that each lift was reserved either for Japanese is for the foreigners. The hotel claimed this was unintentional and apologized. It would seem that it is, in reality, of a clumsiness with a view to avoiding an increase in contamination.

Still unequal industry

The Japanese Film Project nonprofit has revealed a report pointing the cruel lack of wife in the middle of japanese cinema. The first observation is that, on all films between 2000 and 2020 who have exceeded one billion yen (7,650,000 euros) in revenue, only 3.1% were made by a woman, is 25 women in 796 films in total. The association puts in question of too long working hours and too much presence harassment.


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