Food radioactivity | A volunteer of March 11, 2011

Food radioactivity | A volunteer of March 11, 2011 | Mio Sugita

In the press review of this Tuesday, March 09, we will discuss: Japan will review the standards on the levels of radioactivity in food, “I’m still dreaming of it »: Memories of a volunteer of March 11, 2011 and Mio Sugita wins the vote for the most sexist comment.

Japan to review standards on radioactivity levels in food

The government plans to review safety standards for levels of radioactivity in food products. Remember that these standards were set one year after the 2011 accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant No. 1. In tests conducted by the government, 99.94% of the results were within the limit. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection will work with other ministries and agencies to conduct scientific verification of standards. Regarding producers and consumers, opinions are divided. Some argue that high standards are the only way to ensure safety, and others argue that inspections are an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money.

I’m still dreaming of it »: Memories of a volunteer from March 11, 2011

From physical labor and distributing supplies to fundraising and awareness raising, March 11, 2011 has inspired countless people to take action. About 960,000 people, including a number of expatriates, volunteered in the worst affected departments in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. For Nigel van der Grijspaarde, being offered food and children’s gratitude after spending days helping victims had a big impact, even 10 years later. “They try to be positive, they lost their home and they live in a gymnasium, he says in tears, we were doing tiny work – and that was too much, they were thanking us. ”

Mio Sugita wins most sexist commentary vote

Japanese politician and Liberal Democrat Party member Mio Sugita was voted the most sexist commentary politician of the year. The online vote was organized on International Women’s Day by a group of university professors and others who condemn gender discrimination. Mio Sugita said, among other things, that “ women can lie as much as they want On sexual violence. The remark was made during a closed-door meeting of lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party. After this remark was leaked to the media, Mio Sugita came under heavy criticism.


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