Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced yesterday the implementation of new health restrictions very strangely similar to France, such as the obligation of a travel certificate for all Japanese.

In the midst of the fourth wave of COVID-19, the travel certificate will be mandatory throughout Japan from Tuesday, announced the Yoshihide Suga. A few hours after Emmanuel Macron’s speech, the Japanese Prime Minister took the floor, announcing similar measures to France.

Indeed, we learn that the President of the French Republic and the Prime Minister of Japan, had spoken on the sidelines of Emmanuel Macron’s speech, in order to promote the system chosen by the French government in the fight against the coronavirus. .

The use of the exit certificate will therefore be compulsory for the whole of the Archipelago and any infringement will result in a fine of 17,565 yen (or 135 euros).

Mandatory certificate even for Olympic athletes

The Japanese Scientific Council has been calling for the implementation of stricter health measures for several weeks already. On the sidelines of the outbreak of Sakura, “too many” gatherings would greatly increase the spread of the virus, Yoshihide Suga said. In order to ensure the best possible respect for the use of the travel certificate, “the bearers of the Olympic torch will have to set an example” affirmed Yoshihide Suga. The government remains strict about this measure, the Prime Minister of Japan, convinced by the French example, concluded that: “We will not hesitate to exclude all Olympic athletes who have not fulfilled it well. “🐟

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