In the press review of this Monday, October 12, we will discuss: the free trade agreement with Great Britain, the sad anniversary of typhoon Hagibis, and finally the office for exports of agricultural products.

Free trade Agreement

Japan and Great Britain are preparing to sign a post-Brexit free trade agreement on October 23. This agreement should enter into force at the beginning of the year 2021. After an agreement in principle reached last September, the official ratification should take place on October 26 during an extraordinary session of the parliament. The agreement is largely based on the free trade agreement between Japan and the European Union, which entered into force in February 2019, and which includes Great Britain until the end of the year. In particular, it should have a strong impact on the automotive industry, removing certain tariffs.

8,000 displaced

A year ago, the devastating Typhoon Hagibis hit the coast of Japan, killing 113 people and missing 3, according to the Kyoto News count. In the north of the country, several commemorations were held to pay tribute to the victims. The material damage was significant, to the point that, a year later, nearly 8,000 people are still living in temporary accommodation. This number also includes those affected by the typhoons preceding and following Hagibis, which are also relatively violent. Finally, the government figures do not take into account those who continue to live in their homes despite significant damage.

Agricultural exports

Japan is expected to set up an office next year to significantly increase exports of agricultural products. The office, attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, aims to increase exports to 5,000 billion yen (about 40 billion euros) by 2030, compared to 912 billion yen (about 7.3 billion euros). euros) of 2019. This office is part of the measures taken by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to revive local economies. Japanese beef, wagyu, should be one of the main beneficiaries of these measures.


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