Free vaccines | Suga refuses 6 advisers

Free vaccines | Suga refuses 6 advisers | Tragic end

In the press review of this Friday, October 2, we will discuss: free vaccines against the coronavirus for Japanese residents, the historic refusal of the Prime Minister in the face of 6 advisers, and finally the tragic end of a Japanese chef in France.

Free vaccines against the Coronavirus

It was approved this Friday by the Science and Health Council that the coronavirus vaccine will be free to all Japanese residents. This is a proposal initially invoked by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare and will be the subject of a law submitted to the Diet. This new provision will be followed by a policy aimed at encouraging the population to be vaccinated so as to limit the societal and economic impact of the pandemic. The toll today in Tokyo is 196 new daily positive cases for covid-19.

Prime Minister Suga turns down 6 advisers

For the first time since its creation, Prime Minister Suga refused to appoint 6 researchers as new members of the scientific council of Japan. These people were appointed by the council known as the “Scheme of Academics” which, since its inception in 2004, has aimed to advise and maintain a high degree of independence from government. Until now, he has never known a refusal in the face of his membership proposals. Among these rejected intellectuals, great academics in history and human sciences, most had expressed their opposition to the decisions of Abe’s government concerning the protection of state secrets, the limitation of collective rights or the revision of the constitution in 2015. on Japanese self-defense. This decision caused serious concerns about the academic freedom guaranteed by the Japanese constitution.

Suicide of a great Japanese chef

Following “false gossip on social networks”, the Japanese chef Taku Sekine, based in Paris, ended his life Tuesday at the age of 39. Formed by the great names of French cuisine such as Alain Ducasse, and having worked with Chef Hélène Darroze, his restaurant “Dersou” established since 2014 not far from the Bastille district had been awarded multiple awards. For two months, he has suffered severe depression following accusations of sexual assault on social networks; no complaint had been made on this subject.


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