Freezer breakdown | Methane emission

Freezer breakdown | Methane emission | Asei Kobayashi

In the press review of Monday, June 14, we will discuss: the deadweight loss of nearly 6,400 doses of vaccine, the fight against methane emissions and the death of composer Asei Kobayashi

The loss of 6,396 doses

The town of Kawasaki in the department of Kanagawa, south of Tôkyô, had to throw away no less than 6,396 doses vaccine against the coronavirus because of a problem with the freezers. Between June 11 and 13, according to the town hall, the alarm of one of the Pfizer freezers went off, a sign of a malfunction in the maintenance of the cold chain. The vaccines were thawed a while then refrozen when the freezer restarted shortly thereafter. According to the laboratory, it is dangerous to use these doses and they were therefore discarded.

Reduction of methane emissions

Yasuo Kobayashi, professor at Hokkaido University, unveiled a method which would eventually reduce by 80% emissions from methane cows from here 2050. In 2019, the agricultural sector produced 47.7 million tonnes greenhouse gases. To succeed in his project, Yasuo Kobayashi wants to develop a device that allows to know in detail the fermentation process in the stomach of bovines and thus to be able to limit the emission of methane. It is estimated that a dairy cow produces around 500 liters of methane per day.

Death of composer Asei Kobayashi

Japanese composer Asei Kobayashi is deceased today at the age of 88. After studying at Keiô University, he studied under the tutelage of Tadashi Hattori. He worked on a multitude of television jingle, film soundtracks andanime. We can cite his work on Okami shônen Ken, one of the first anime of the Toei. He rose to prominence as an actor with his participation in the show Terauchi Kantaro ikka in the 70s.


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