Fukushima: 10 years later | Sendai Ice Rink

Fukushima: 10 years later | Sendai Ice Rink | Age of consent

In the press review of this Thursday, March 11, we will discuss: 35,000 people are still evacuated 10 years after the 2011 disaster, Yuzuru Hanyû donates 31 million yen to the Sendai ice rink affected by the earthquake and a petition to pass age of consent from 13 to 16 years.

35,000 people are still evacuated 10 years after the disaster from 2011

10 years after the Tôhoku disaster, leading to the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, more than 35,000 people are still evacuated. The evacuation order is still in effect for about 340 square kilometers in seven municipalities of Fukushima. In areas where the orders have been lifted, the number of residents returning to their homes is gradually increasing. In February, the number of people evacuated to other parts of Fukushima County stood at 7,185 and 28,505 outside it. The largest number of people evacuated outside the department was 2,966 in Tokyo, followed by 2,877 in Ibaraki, 2,730 in Miyagi, 2,667 in Saitama and 2,662 in Tochigi.

Yuzuru Hanyû donates 31 million yen to Sendai ice rink

Japanese figure skating icon Yuzuru Hanyû donated more than 31 million yen (238,886 euros) to an ice rink in his hometown of Sendai. The Sendai ice rink, hit hard by the Great Earthquake of 2011, issued a statement thanking Hanyû for his contribution. ” Yuzuru Hanyû deeply loves his hometown of Sendai and its ice rink. He has donated many times and we can’t thank him enough“Said the rink. Now 26 years old, Hanyû was skating on this rink when the earthquake struck. His house having been damaged, he then spent a few days in an evacuation center before moving to Yokohama for his training.

Petition to raise the age of consent from 13 to 16

A group of students, “Your Voice Matters,” submitted a petition to the Justice Department asking that the age of consent be raised from 13 to 16. The petition campaign collected around 40,000 signatures. The request submitted by the group of students explains that 13 is a low age from an international point of view and calls for this age to be increased to 16, when many children will have graduated from high school. The petition says the college’s current curriculum guidelines do not provide for instruction in sex, which means students may not be fully informed of what constitutes sexual assault.


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