Future collaboration | Heir prince

Future collaboration | Crown Prince | Avian Flu

In the press review of this Monday, November 9, we will discuss: Suga in a hurry to work with Biden, the officialization of the crown prince, and finally several cases of avian flu in the country.

Future collaboration

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga congratulated the winner of the presidential election in the United States, Joe Biden. And on Monday, from his office, he said he hoped to work with the president-elect to further strengthen the security alliance and “Guarantee the peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region”. Suga is also considering when to call Joe Biden and consider moving to the United States. This should not be done before January 20, the date scheduled for the new president to take office.

Heir prince

Crown Prince Fumihito, brother of the emperor, was officially declared the first successor to the throne on Sunday and pledged to perform his duties in a ceremony that has been postponed for seven months, and reduced, in due to the coronavirus. The emperor, who presided over this rite, notably declared to his brother: “I hope that you will meet the expectations of the people and that you will successfully fulfill your duties as crown prince, taking full inspiration from what you have cultivated”.

Avian Flu

Several cases of avian influenza have been detected in the country, leading to the slaughter of many chickens. The strain of the virus is apparently highly pathogenic. This Monday, nearly 46,000 animals were slaughtered on a farm in the department of Kagawa. Earlier this month, in the same department, a first case was detected, leading to the slaughter of 317,000 chickens. This is the second time this season that an outbreak of bird flu has been discovered on a poultry farm in the country.


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