Green investments | Contested deployment

Green investments | Contested deployment | Universal Expo

In the press review of this Wednesday, December 2, we will discuss: investments against climate change, the disputed deployment of Russian missiles, and finally the plan for the Universal Exhibition 2025 in Osaka validated.

Green investments

According to a group of government experts, Japan will encourage, as part of its growth strategy, investments in technologies to combat climate change, such as renewable energy, hydrogen and carbon recycling. After the closure of nuclear power plants following the Fukushima accident in 2011, the country has been criticized for its massive return to coal and is therefore seeking solutions. One of them could be wind power offshore whose power is expected to reach 30 gigawatts by 2040.

Contested deployment

Tokyo protested to Moscow after the deployment of an anti-aircraft missile system on one of the islands claimed by Japan, off Hokkaido. “The deployment contributes to the strengthening of the Russian army in the Northern Territories and comes into conflict with our country’s position that these islands are our territory”, declared, during a press conference, the Secretary General of the Cabinet Katsunobu Katô. He also added that this “Could not be tolerated”, hence the protest through diplomatic channels.

Universal Expo

The body in charge of the World Expo officially approved the plans for the 2025 Expo in Osaka on Tuesday. This decision paves the way for the start of preparations and the invitation of foreign participants. These plans, submitted last December, include a financial project for an estimated construction cost of 125 billion yen (nearly one billion euros). The sum will be shared between the government, the department and the city of Osaka.


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