Halloween canceled | Ecological Japan

Halloween canceled | Ecological Japan | Mask protection

In the press review of this Thursday, October 22, we will discuss: The canceled Halloween party in Shibuya, the promise of Japan to “decarbonize”, and finally the Japanese study on the “weakness” of masks.

Halloween under the coronavirus

During the press conference on Thursday, the mayor of the district of Shibuya, Ken Hasebe, implored the local population to be content to stay at home. This district of downtown Tokyo is very popular during the Halloween, meeting a great success every year and a very important attendance. In view of the dangerous nature of the contacts in these times of pandemic, the events initially planned have been canceled, and the mayor of Shibuya suggests another solution: ” virtual Shibuya », Which would consist in carrying out guided tours in the virtually reconstituted districts, and to participate in a large online music festival on the evening of October 31.

Towards a greener Japan

According to government sources, Prime Minister Suga is on the way to announce next Monday his will and his decision to ensure that Japan reduces its greenhouse gas emissions. The country would thus hope to express to the world population its determination to fight against global warming. The European Union had already announced a target of “zero emissions” on a net basis by 2050. Japan, for its part, intends to reduce emissions by 80% and become a predominantly “carbon-free” society by 2050. However, a date for the “net zero” goal in the Archipelago has still not been released.

Masks would not protect 100%

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have shown during a study that masks, even of “professional quality”, would not completely eliminate the risk of contagion. The experiment consisted in equipping two mannequins “contaminated” by covid-19 face to face with masks. These simulated the human voice and cough. It would have been found that the cotton mask would reduce the virus absorption by 40% and the N95 by 90%, however, even N95 attached to the face with duct tape, would let the viral particles through, so this is ‘a figure to be considered accordingly real.


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