Health concern | Downside bonus

Health concern | Downside bonus | Golden record

In the press review of this Thursday, December 10, we will discuss: the concern about the health system, the premiums for civil servants on the decline, and finally the world record for a Japanese hotel.

Health concern

Japan confirmed a record number of new cases on Thursday with 2,820 daily coronavirus infections, while the capital Tokyo did the same with its 602 cases. While the Archipelago still faces a peak in infections, experts are concerned about the Japanese health system. According to them, it became ” difficult “ for hospitals to simultaneously provide regular services and treat patients with covid-19. “The situation in the medical system has started to get tense, and preventing the increase in the number of new patients and those with severe symptoms is the top priority.” they declared.

Downside bonus

Japanese civil servants saw their winter bonuses decrease for the third year in a row, averaging 653,600 yen (just over 5,000 euros) for a general administration employee. This sum was down by about 34,000 yen (about 270 euros) from the previous year, in line with a law passed last month to narrow the gap between the bonuses of civil servants and workers in the private sector. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, meanwhile, received a bonus of 5.6 million yen (approximately 44,000 euros).

Golden record

The 1,056.97 m² ceiling in the lobby of the Kawakyu Hotel, located at a resort town in Wakayama County, has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest gold leaf covered ceiling in the world . The vaulted hall is 45 meters long and 14 meters wide. Three craftsmen, including a Frenchman, took about two months to apply the 190,000 or so 22.5-carat gold leaves that cover it to the ceiling.


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