Japan offers something to amaze young and old. During the hot seasons, the splendid weather and the mildness of spring offer magnificent images. In winter, the world of the rising sun is covered with a pearly layer, giving a peaceful setting. Between the nature that covers a large part of the country and the modernity that makes Japan an extraordinary country, travel is sometimes difficult to find. And the ideal is not to miss any fascinating corner of the country.

The famous shinkansen

In Japan, high speed trains are called shinkansen. And the country has a large network of rails in this regard. Connectionsshinkansen are innumerable in the country and one arrives quickly from one point to another. The TGV in Japan is quite different from other TGVs. It is very elegant and since we are in Japan, the cleanliness is always there. Be careful though, places must be reserved in advance in this train. However, not all of the cars are full because three of them are always left empty for last-minute travelers. Count a hundred euros and more for each trip between two large cities.

The trains

Yes the Shinkansen is a train but it doesn’t look like the others. And in this part, we offer you something to get around Japan with local trains. And the biggest advantage is that the country has the largest rail network in the world, which allows you to move easily within the country. In addition, the trains are always on time. When it comes to purchasing tickets, you can ask an employee who will be happy to help you. You can choose between trains from the Japan Railway network and other private lines.

The metro, a timeless means of transportation

Even within cities, the subways are still very busy. It is an efficient way to get around. Do not forget, however, that you are in Japan and that there are crowds there. Therefore, avoid taking the metro during rush hour to avoid Japanese crowds. If you want to give it a try, you can always try. Tickets can always be taken from vending machines and the price varies depending on the city, the number of stations and the distance traveled. To get your bearings, we always post maps in metro stations and don’t panic, station names are in English.

Getting around by bus

The bus is also a very popular transport. But it is not always practical, especially in certain cities and large cities. In Tokyo for example, it is preferable to use the metro which is more convenient in terms of speed of travel. This also helps prevent traffic jams. However, the buses are comfortable and offer a peaceful trip. The organization is there and we enjoy good efficiency. If you want to take your time to admire the city, it is better to take the bus and enjoy the walk. As for tickets, you can buy them directly on the bus. For a trip between Tokyo and Kyoto for example, count 42 euros for seven hours of travel.

Take a cab

japanese taxiFor calm while enjoying the pleasure of short trips, taking a taxi is a good idea. To find out if the latter is free, just check if the red light located in the lower left corner of the windshield is on. If so, the taxi is free and the back door opens automatically. The price of the trip is billed in relation to the distance traveled. Most of the drivers do not speak English but they quickly understand where you are going by showing the location on a map. And unlike other countries, you should never tip in Japan. This is taken as an insult because the person thinks they are considered a beggar. After dropping you off somewhere, a simple thank you is enough. In addition, the Japanese are very friendly and polite, they will gladly accept your thanks and also wish you a pleasant stay in the country. Count from 4 euros on average for the taxi with an increase in the meter beyond two kilometers.

Bicycles and rickshaws

We take pleasure in moving around the country with very ecological means. This is the case of bicycles and rickshaws. They are particularly appreciated in villages and in the outskirts with small alleys. These types of means of transport allow you to appreciate nature and are not really recommended in big cities. AT Hokkaido for example, in some quiet places rickshaws are often used to allow visitors to appreciate the local landscapes.

Enjoy driving yourself

This is a good idea as long as you know how to handle driving on the left and have a translated license. Indeed, in Japan, the international license is not valid. The person must have another translated into Japanese. But even with a permit that allows you to travel everywhere, getting around isn’t always so easy. All signs on the streets and on the road are displayed in Japanese. Not easy in this case to find yourself in these characters even if there are translations in Roman characters. Driving a car is not economical at all. Because even if you have a license and a car, and you master left-hand drive, you will waste time reading the signs. And it is all the less easy when you find yourself on secondary roads because the signs have no translation.

The plane

The plane is especially recommended for travel over long distances. Passes are often offered to take advantage of reduced-price travel over a determined distance. There are regular and daily flights. Always on time, Japan hardly ever shows delays on flights. By going through Easyvols, you will easily find information on trips, prices and promotions offered. The flights take place in peace and this also allows to get out of the noises which one can possibly meet in the big cities. It’s also very convenient for people who don’t really like traveling by TGV.

Good walkstokyo on foot

Walking hasn’t always been a bad idea when exploring Japan. It is especially recommended for travel within cities. It also allows enjoy the beauty of the gardens included in the center of large agglomerations. It must also be said that each city also has alleys in the old districts or in the markets. You can’t possibly explore them by car so it’s best to walk on foot. This means of travel will allow you to experience the beauty of Japan up close. Plus, you’ll make stops whenever you want, especially to have a good time and sample some local dishes.

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