Going to visit Japan is a trip that requires a lot of preparation. First, you have to get a fairly large budget to organize travel and accommodation.

Then, certain administrative formalities must be completed before departure. Before you get to know Japanese culture, here’s what you need to do.

What are the administrative formalities?

Regarding the visa, you should know that France has an agreement with Japan. All tourist trips of less than 90 days do not require a visa.

However, for health reasons, this exemption has been canceled until further notice. So travelers can get there with their passport. If you have not yet had the opportunity to have one issued to you, now is the time to go to your town hall, because the deadlines are sometimes a bit long.

It would be a shame to miss your trip because you went to the town hall three days before your departure.

Have good travel and repatriation insurance

Taking out travel insurance helps protect yourself in the event of a problem. Some insurers distinguish the needs of travelers according to the type of trip to be covered: business trip, expatriation, study trip, tourist trip, etc.

For short-term tourist stays, they offer a contract that guarantees several things:

  • Coverage of emergency health costs including hospitalization costs if you contract Covid-19 on site.
  • Travel cancellation insurance which allows you to recover the sums of money corresponding to the costs of canceling transport tickets and accommodation in the accommodation, even at the last minute. This means that in the event of health restrictions requiring travel to be stopped, you may be reimbursed.
  • Repatriation insurance consists of bringing you back to France in the event of illness or injury if you are unable to travel yourself. We distinguish between repatriation and medical evacuation which consists of directing the person to the hospital most suited to their state of health. Repatriation in a medical plane is very expensive, especially from Japan. It is therefore an essential guarantee when traveling today.
  • Compensation in the event of loss, theft or damage to baggage.
  • Civil liability abroad.

Prepare for culture shock

Everyone who had the chance to visit Japan came back with a lot of memories.. All of them evoke a total change of scenery and a clash of cultures. As with all your trips abroad, it is welcome to learn some vocabulary to communicate a minimum with the Japanese.

Your efforts will always be greatly appreciated. Then, you should know that in Japan, the rules of politeness are very important. However, these are not the same as in France.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you document the Japanese art of living before your trip. Also know what you are going to eat there, because the Japanese have very particular eating habits.

They eat raw fish, live foods, and other foods that we are not used to eating. It is therefore important to find out before traveling about the names of Japanese specialties so as not to make a mistake when ordering your dish at a restaurant.

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