Immunization survey | Hostage taking

Immunization survey | Hostage taking | Cryptocurrency

In the press review of Tuesday, June 22, we will discuss: the latest survey on vaccination, a hostage taking and the resale of cryptocurrency accounts.

Vaccination too slow

According to a recent survey by Mainichi, 52% of respondents find that vaccination is not going fast enough. This figure is down if we compare it to a previous poll, last June, indicating that 75% of those interviewed found it too slow. Even so, the number of people vaccinated has risen sharply in Japan this month, the first of June there was 10 million doses injected against 22 million on June 19.

End of hostage-taking

Kazutaka Hayashi, a 40-year-old man with no home or profession, was apprehended by police on strong suspicions kidnapping of sequestration and of injury on employees of an internet cafe in Saitama county. After these 32 hours, he finally rendering and cooperated with the police. Nevertheless, he has no claim and did not wish to explain the reasons for his act.

Cryptocurrency Account Resale

Junya Saito, a 36-year-old man, was stopped over there cybercrime police from Aichi County. He is suspected of fraud and violation of the law on the prevention of money laundering. He would have opened a cryptocurrency account in October 2020 and would have planned to resell the property from the account to a third party, still unknown, for 15,000 yen (130 euros). To open such an account, a lot of documents are needed like a seal, bank book, and others, in order to avoid money laundering.


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