Infected baby | Naomi Ôsaka divides

Infected baby | Naomi Ôsaka divides | Collaboration between Arashi and Bruno Mars

In the press review of this Friday, September 11, we will discuss: the first case in Japan of a baby developing a Kawasaki after an infection with the coronavirus, the tennis player Naomi Ôsaka who divides the sponsors, and finally the unprecedented collaboration between the Japanese group Arashi and Bruno Mars.

Baby develops Kawasaki after covid-19

A 1-year-old baby, after being hospitalized last March following a confirmed coronavirus infection, is said to have developed Kawasaki disease. Although we do not yet know the ins and outs of the place between the two diseases, this is the first time in Japan that a Kawasaki has been diagnosed following a coronavirus. In America and Europe, the number of patients in this case would be increasing. For Japan, the news should appear in the “Japan pediatric Society, Pediatrics International”. In Tokyo today, there are 187 new positive cases for covid-19. The majority of people would be young, there are 45 people in their thirties and 30 in their forties.

Naomi Ôsaka divides opinion and sponsors

Naomi Osaka, a Métis and Japanese tennis player, caught the public’s attention and aroused strong reactions from Japanese sponsors. After announcing that following the shootings of the American police on a black citizen, she wanted to boycott the semi-final of the Western and Southern Open in New York, she had ended up retracting. She finally found a compromise by wearing a black mask with the names of victims of similar acts written down in order to fight racism. One of the Japanese sponsors reportedly said “ If possible, we would like her to gain more attention with her tennis skills. While one of its American sponsors would have reacted differently, the position being more valued than the silence in the United States, because this would signify a certain acceptance.

Collaboration between the Arashi group and Bruno Mars

On September 18, a collaboration between the famous Boy band idol group “Arashi” and singer-songwriter Bruno Mars is due out. The new single should be called “Whenever You Call” and the lyrics should be in English. This will be the first English song released by Arashi. Bruno Mars is said to have written the song after watching numerous concerts and listening to Arashi’s songs. He is also said to have given singing lessons in English to members of the group.


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