The news had made the happiness of the amateurs of cryptocurrencies: the Bitcoin is now officially recognized as a legal means of payment in Japan. At the end of 2017, this announcement had also caused an incredible increase in the price of Bitcoin. So, should you invest? Is there still time to buy Bitcoin?

How to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Japan

As a reminder, and to explain it simply, Bitcoin is a virtual currency which strongly changes the monetary system that we know today … Everyone has the opportunity to invest in this currency and all kinds of purchases can also be made. be made using Bitcoin. Bitcoin therefore makes life simpler, since payments are made much faster and easier, it is easy to invest in this currency and save thanks to it too.

How to invest in Bitcoin?

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, it’s very simple: you choose an internet exchange platform, such as for example: you can then exchange your currency for Bitcoins. It is therefore not necessary to provide any identity document to register, and you can do this from home, without calling on your bank advisor or other … Once registered, on the other hand, several verification procedures are to be carried out – and this may take some time, however you can familiarize yourself with the trading interface.

You can download software that will allow you to acquire a wallet. It will allow you to generate a key to communicate to get money. If you want to make a transaction with your Bitcoins, it is possible, if the person to whom you must make your payment gives you their key, to do so directly via your computer. The site lists all the information and trusted platforms to carry out these steps!

To grow your Bitcoin wallet, there are two solutions; either you get paid in Bitcoins or you value your real money (euros or dollars for example) in Bitcoins, via a specialized agency.

In conclusion, we can consider that Bitcoin is a good way to save money, to invest but also a good way to make payments quickly and easily. It is therefore a system with a future and in which we must invest today to take advantage of the wave!

Why invest in Bitcoin?

The main advantage of investing in Bitcoin is the fact that this currency is not controlled by anyone. No power manages this currency. Bitcoin is therefore independent of any monetary policy, and central bank decisions have no impact on its fluctuation. In addition, when you make a payment with Bitcoin, the transaction is done very quickly (so you can make a transfer to the other side of the world, it will still go very quickly), and almost no fees are payable. pay. That being said, if you want to support the programmers working on the Bitcoin project, you can still pay a little extra for them …

In addition, since Bitcoin is of interest to a growing number of people around the world, its price is steadily increasing. There are of course some painful market corrections, but over the long to very long term, Bitcoin continues to rise. So now is the perfect time to invest in this virtual currency! The price of Bitcoin varies according to its use and is a good way, in times of crisis, to invest your money in something safe; it can indeed replace an investment in gold for example.

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