To complete my article dedicated to my video of a day in college in Japan in the town of Fujiyoshida, I suggest you here a complete itinerary of 3 days and 2 nights to fully enjoy this very pretty city that is Fujiyoshida! 🙂

Welcome to Fujiyoshida!



To get to Fujiyoshida, 2 options are recommended: car or bus. It is also possible to come by train but it takes much longer and requires several changes.

Renting a car will give you more freedom, but the bus will not prevent you from enjoying the city because everything is easily accessible by walking a little. The journey by car takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Shinjuku and the bus ride takes about 1 hour 40 minutes from Shinjuku. A 7:15 am bus departure will take you to Fuji-Q Highland at 8:55 am.
Bus timetables are available here.

fuji q highland
Arrival at Fuji-Q Highland!


For this first day, you can enjoy the best amusement park in Japan: Fuji-Q Highland ! The doors open at 9 a.m. so you will have the whole day to explore this park which is not that big but offers plenty to do:

  • Thrilling attractions: Eejanaika, Fujiyama, Takabisha and Do-Dodonpa.
  • The longest and most complete haunted house in the world: Senritsu Meikyu.
  • The space dedicated to Naruto & Boruto with decorations, Ramen restaurant and small attractions.
  • The space dedicated to Evangelion.
  • The space dedicated to Kitaro the Repulsive (GeGeGe No Kitaro).

I recommend that you go there on weekdays because the weekends can be quite crowded!

fuji q
Fuji Q Highland, the best amusement park in Japan.
evangelion fuji q
Evangelion World at Fuji-Q Highland.


For dinner, I highly recommend the restaurant Sakigake, one of the best addresses in the region. It is an Izakaya that offers a dreamlike setting and excellent cuisine that will delight all palates and diets.

sakigake fujiyoshida
The Sakigake restaurant in Fujiyoshida.
An incredible atmosphere …


After a day full of thrills, I recommend 2 options according to your budget and your preferences: a night in a naruto room or one night in an establishment Onsen very affordable.

The Naruto room is located at the hotel Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, right in front of Fuji-Q Highland Park. If you are a fan of Naruto, you can live a unique experience in a magnificent room with gifts (Yukata, accessories) and even a little puzzle game to solve when you enter the room.

naruto room
The Naruto room at the Highland Resort hotel in Fujiyoshida…
naruto room
THE room for Naruto fans!

There is only one Naruto room in the hotel and it has a price: approx. 70,000 yen or 560 € per night but the price is divided if you are coming together and the room can accommodate up to 6 persons so it can ultimately be a very affordable option for groups!

The hotel also offers access to Fujiyama Onsen, a nice outdoor onsen but forbidden to tattooed people.

fujiyama onsen
Fujiyama Onsen

Another possible option: one night at Yoshinoike Onsen, an almost 170-year-old onsen facility that acts as AirBNB. Tattoos are totally accepted and the price is very affordable: 8,000 yen or 65 € per night for 2 people. On the other hand, reservations must be made for stays of at least 2 nights.

yoshinoike onsen
A sober but very pleasant Onsen!

In any case, it offers a beautiful experience in a secret Onsen, hidden in the middle of the nature of Fujiyoshida.

yoshinoike onsen
Secret Onsen by Yoshinoike Onsen



For this second day, head first to the flagship place of Fujiyoshida, the Chureito pagoda of the park Asakurayama Sengen Koen. It offers a very famous and photogenic view of Mount Fuji but also a pleasant walk in height with a view of the city.

chureito sakura
The Chureito Pagoda under the Sakura!
chureito pagoda
The Chureito pagoda in summer.


A 20-minute walk from Chureito Pagoda is the main shopping street of Fujiyoshida which is known for its Kanadorii gate which offers a nice view of Mount Fuji. You can enjoy authentic shops and restaurants in this long shopping street which is not very touristy.

Fujisan through the Kanadorii gate
The main shopping street in Fujiyoshida.

Here are some shops that I recommend:

  • The Kintarou shop to taste his Manju (filled brioches) and meet the adorable collector grandpa who manages it.
  • The Maruya shop to taste sweet specialties that change every season: Yaki Dango, Kusa Dango, Dorayaki, Daifuku, etc.
  • The Kitaguchi Yumeya coffee whose building dates back more than 400 years and where you can have the lines read by the hand of the mother who holds it.
  • The Harukiya tea shop where you can taste the tea of ​​the region but also very good ice cream.
kintarou fujiyoshida
The Kintarou store.


Also located on the main shopping street of Fujiyoshida, the Togawake house is a former inn ofOshi, religious guides specializing in Mount Fuji who hosted pilgrims worshiping Mount Fuji. A small but pleasant and photogenic visit for only 100 yen or 0.80 € entry.

Togawake, a former Oshi inn


At the level of this main street, there are several very good restaurants that I recommend to you according to your desires:

fujiyoshida ramen
Ramen Jajauma’s restaurant
yoshida udon fujiyoshida
Yoshida, Udon restaurant in Fujiyoshida.


At the end of Fujiyoshida’s long shopping street is the shrine Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja. A place with a mystical atmosphere with its long avenue of gigantic pines, its moss, its lanterns and its large Torii.

kitaguchi hongu fuji sengen jinja
Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine.

This place is, like the whole city of Fujiyoshida, closely linked to Mount Fuji. It is in fact the historical starting point of the rise of Fujisan. Today everyone starts the ascent from the 5th station as a road takes you there but traditionally the starting point is this shrine, where pilgrims worshiping Mount Fuji (called Fujiko) came to purify themselves before starting the ascent.

In recent years, more and more people are doing the same and starting the rise of Fujisan from this zero point in order to experience an even more total adventure with 11 hours of ascent instead of 6 hours from the 5th station.

kitaguchi hongu fuji sengen jinja
A mystical atmosphere!


For dinner, head to a place with a unique atmosphere: Shinsekai Kanpai Dori, a group of old bars and restaurants dating from the post-war period that had been abandoned but that the inhabitants of the city decided to revitalize by renovating the buildings to offer new bars and restaurants while retaining the exterior appearance of the premises. A very photogenic place and a real journey through time!

shinsekai fujiyoshida
Welcome to Shinsekai!
shinsekai kanpai dori
A place out of time!

The area is quite small but there are some excellent restaurants there. Some recommendations:

  • Mi-Chan, an Izakaya with good franquette with good skewers and local specialties to taste.
  • Fukumatsu, an Izakaya run by lovely people that offers excellent fish dishes in a unique retro setting.
  • Yamanchu, a very local restaurant with a retro feel.
Fukumatsu, a great restaurant in Fujiyoshida.

The Shinsekai district is not very far from the Chureito pagoda which can be nice to discover at night to feel a very different and more intimate atmosphere.

chureito night
The Chureito pagoda at night.


For this second night in Fujiyoshida, I recommend you either a former Oshi inn still active, or one of the many AirBNBs from the city. If for the first night you have chosen Yoshinoike Onsen, the question should not arise since the reservation is made for 2 nights normally.

The Guest House Oogamaru Fugaku x Hitsuki is a former Oshi hostel, the famous hostels for pilgrims who devoted a culture to Mount Fuji. There used to be nearly a hundred Oshi hostels in Fujiyoshida, but today there are only 4 in operation, including this one that dates back 400 years and was recently renovated.

fugaku x hitsuki
Fugaku x Hitsuki Inn

We can spend the night in a superb atmosphere to only 4000 yen (30 €) and there is also a vegan coffee run by the couple who run the hostel. It’s a good plan to sleep inexpensively in an original place in Fujiyoshida!

Another possible option: Fujiyoshida has many AirBNBs run by locals in old traditional houses. I recommend you this house run by a family living in the 2 other neighboring houses) where you can enjoy several traditional rooms but also bicycles available.

oshi fujiyoshida
Oshi Hostel in Fujiyoshida.


For this last day in Fujiyoshida, I offer 2 options: a day hiking or a day to savor and capture the most beautiful views on Mount Fuji. All this of course depends on the weather, summer is generally a period when Fujisan is more shy!

For hiking, there are also 2 options: the Mount Fuji starting from the zero point following the Yoshida Trail for an 11 hour ascent to the summit. However, the ascent of Fujisan is only possible in July and August so it will only be possible if you come in summer …

Sunrise at the top of Mount Fuji

But the rest of the year, you will have another option: the Mount Shakushiyama, much less imposing since requiring an ascent of about 2 hours but offering a superb 360 degree view including Mount Fuji and lakes Kawaguchiko and Yamanakako.

Nice panorama at the top of Mount Shakushiyama

If the hike speaks less to you, you can spend this third day stocking up on photos of Mount Fuji from all angles. There are a lot of spots to make sacred popo cards in the city!

noson koen
View from Noson Koen Park.
Asumiko Koen Park and its hydrangeas in July.
fujimi kotoku koen
Fujimi Kotoku Koen Park.

For lunch, you can use the list I made above for yesterday’s lunch and, before leaving Fujiyoshida, I recommend that you take a Cake cloth in the shape of Mount Fuji at the shop Fuji cloth : everything is homemade and it’s really delicious!

fuji cloth
Chiffon Cake in Fujiyoshida

There you go, hoping this itinerary can help you! Of course everything is flexible so you can do that in 1 or 2 days but I really advise you to take the time to stay at least one night on site (especially since there are very good plans for accommodation)!

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