Japanese-American Exercises | New Ambassador

Japanese-American Exercises | New Ambassador | Temporary hospital

In the press review of Tuesday, December 8, we will discuss: military exercises implicitly targeting China, the upcoming appointment of a new ambassador to the United States, and finally the temporary hospital which is lacking in arms.

Japanese-American exercises

The Japanese Self-Defense Force and the US Army conducted a large-scale joint exercise in southwestern Japan, while launching another exercise northwest of Tokyo. They focus on scenarios in which Japan and the United States react to attacks on remote islands. These exercises implicitly target China, whose assertion in the region is growing stronger. Lieutenant-General Ryôji Takemoto, head of the Western Army of the Self-Defense Forces, also indicated that “For a free and open Indo-Pacific region, improving joint operational capabilities is an urgent task”.

New Ambassador

The Japanese government plans to appoint the ambassador to South Korea, Kôji Tomita, a new envoy to the United States, because of his links with those close to President-elect Joe Biden. Tomita served as a minister at the Japanese Embassy in Washington and headed the Office of North American Affairs in the Foreign Office under President Barack Obama’s administration, in which Biden was vice president. Ambassador to Israel Kôichi Aiboshi is expected to succeed Tomita as the new ambassador to South Korea.

Temporary hospital

A temporary facility for patients with severe symptoms of covid-19 is scheduled to open on December 15 in Sumiyoshi, Osaka district. However, the center should not be operating at full capacity since, at present, only 80 nursing positions out of the 130 are filled. To take care of the 30 beds, medical personnel from other departments as well as self-defense forces are expected to join Osaka soon.


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