Want to spend time at home and have a good time with your family? Why not go back to board games? It will also be an opportunity to get away from the screens a little and to really forge links. If you are tired of French board games, which you have already made and remade, we offer you some Japanese board games for a little more originality. The fun will always be there!

Twin It Japan

The Twin It Japan game is a card game that combines skill, thoroughness and speed. It is the guarantee of a good atmosphere in the family. Anyone can participate from the age of 6. You can play between 2 to 6 players, in individual mode, in two teams or in cooperation.

The goal is simple: accumulate identical pairs of cards so as not to lose the game. The game consists of 135 cards with patterns on both sides. Some are available in doubles or triples, but beware, the catch is that some cards are unique.

A true tribute to Japanese culture, from traditions to modern geekeries, this game is a beautiful graphic journey. You will find in the box the illustrator’s inspiration book to make links between many patterns and their origin.

To get started, get started in “every man for himself” mode. Here you must have 5 holds in front of you to win. It will be a matter of shuffling the cards well and taking turns drawing. But beware, as mentioned above, it’s also a game of speed. When you reveal a card, quickly look for eyes if there is an identical one on the table!

It’s simple, fun and friendly. This is another way of playing cards, without hiding them or holding them in your hand. We’ll see which of you is the fastest!

Happy city

Combining simple and more advanced strategies thanks to its two game modes, Happy City is also an interesting board game to play indoors with the family. You can experience building the city of happiness in half an hour, between 2 to 5 players, from 10 years old.

The Japanese author and his daughter got the idea to create this game when they saw the slogan of the mayor of Kawasaki: “Let’s build the happiest city together”. All the cards, starting with the starting building (a “combini”, a kind of typical Japanese mini-market) are illustrated in an incredibly cute way by a Japanese illustrator as well.

This game contains 140 Building cards and cardboard pieces. The goal ? Build your own little town, card after card, until you reach a total of 10 cards. Look for the right tactics to manage your income, bring in locals, and make them happy. He does not forget to look at the opposing cities so as not to leave the best cards to his neighbors or to have a special building stolen.

The rule is not complicated: On your turn, you can discard a card and reveal two, then you can buy one to place it in your city. Each card is a building that earns coins, hearts or inhabitants. Have you created a little paradise more attractive than the cities of your opponents? It suffices at the end of the game, on the 10th card, to multiply its number of inhabitants by its number of hearts to know its score.

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