JO without alcohol | Russian military exercise

JO without alcohol | Russian military exercise | Alzheimer’s fight

In the press review of Thursday, June 24, we will discuss: the ban on alcohol during the Olympics, the Russian military exercise around disputed islands and the progress of the detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alcohol ban

In his latest guide to safety instructions for the public, the Olympic committee banned alcohol, always with a view toavoid a rebound of contaminations. Supporters will therefore not be able to buy or bring back any alcoholic drink. Beside this measurement it is recommended not not shout too loud, nor to celebrate with his neighbor, nor to spin towels in the air. Thus the Olympic Committee hopes to be able to hold the Games in complete safety.

Russian military exercise

Japan has protested against holding a russian military exercise around the disputed islands of the Kurils, off the coast of Hokkaidô. This dispute of the territories dates back to the end of the Second World War, Japan had to surrender and the Soviet bloc occupied these islands. This is a dialogue of the deaf, because the two countries still claim sovereignty and, so far, no agreement could be found.

Alzheimer prevention

Shimadzu company announced the marketing of their new medical equipement, a machine for detect patients withAlzheimer’s with only a few drops of blood. The project was supervised by Koichi Tanaka, Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2002. But for this scientist, this is only the first step, he wants to continue his momentum in order to be able to detect a multitude of diseases with a simple blood sample.


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