Japan Info offers, this month, a new print journal addressing the topic of social pressures in Japan. Also to discover, the portrait of a Japanese in France, Emiko Kieffer. She tells us about Shinto with a lot of humility. On a double page, travel the Japanese Alps to Shirakawa and admire its late spring scenery.

In Japan, uniformity is essential, and beware of those who deviate from it. They will then be the target of jeers, bullying or even worse.

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures

Summary: Social pressures and consequences on the Archipelago

The incessant ” body shaming »Japanese brands

Jessy Perie – Journalist

The body shaming, translatable as “humiliation of the body”, is a universal problem in our modern societies. Japan is no exception. The standards applied to the body are permanently visible: in the metro, on television, on Youtube… The body must be thin to be accepted…

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures
Osaka – June 2019: beauty accessories to modify the aesthetic features of the face of women, and to acquire more western features or to fight against age. (Photo: Marco Fine / Shutterstock.com)

The tough learning of the norm

Ijime Literally means bullying. In fact, it designates bullying in particular at school, but also sometimes that encountered in adult life, particularly professional life. A complex phenomenon, which if not special in Japan remains a real challenge for Japanese society and its codes …

How to fight against the scourge of workplace harassment

Agnès Redon – journalist

Listening to employees who are victims of harassment and taking the necessary measures: this is the obligation of the bosses of large companies since June 1, 2020 (in April 2022 for SMEs and VSEs). Through this new directive, the Japanese government aims to tackle the scourge of harassment at work.

Infographic: Social pressure and consequences in Japan

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures
The fuzzy parts of this special social pressure and consequences in Japan infographic can be discovered in its entirety by subscribing to the paper newspaper of Japon infos.

The late spring of Shirakawa

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures
Isolated in the mountains, the tourist locomotive of the Japanese Alps sees the arrival of sunny days and cherry blossoms several weeks after the country’s major metropolises

A media that denounces the social problems in Japan

Phébé Leroye – Journalist

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures
© Blossom project

Far from the glitter and the hashtags in sight, the ” Blossom Project »Hatched on Instagram in April 2020. The mission of this Japanese account to more than 52,000 followers? Use the most bankable the moment to raise awareness of the social problems that plague the country …

Walls facing tsunamis

Émilie Guyonnet – Journalist

Following the 2011 tsunami, nearly 400 kilometers of concrete dikes were built on the northeast coast of Japan to deal with future tsunamis. A controversial choice …

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures
Valérie Niquet: JAPAN A model in decline

The end of a model?

Since the end of the 1980s and the bursting of the speculative bubble, much has been said about the decline of Japan. What is it really ? Through seven chapters devoted to various aspects of Japanese society, economy, politics and culture, Valérie Niquet takes stock of the strengths and weaknesses of the Archipelago …

Amateur athletes in the spotlight after the Olympics

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures

Romain Champagne – Journalist

The World Master Games (WMG) is a sports competition. Anyone over thirty can participate. These are amateur Olympic Games, since they are linked to the International Olympic Committee …

, Journal No. 36 & # 8211;  Social pressures

Portrait: Explaining Shinto to the French

Sophie Lavaur – Editor

Emiko kieffer is a Japanese from France, she published in 2019 a simple and enlightening book on Shinto, the ancestral religion of Japan. A book courageously written in French for the French, a literary adventure that she recounts with great humility …


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