Japan Info offers, this month, a new paper journal tackling the subject of childhood in Japan, with in particular the children’s day in the spotlight in May. Also to discover, the portrait of Miki Sekiguchi, psychologist in France. Finally in double photo page, go to Mount Zaô under a spring sky.

While Japan is experiencing a demographic crisis between the aging of its population and the low birth rate, the child is a precious resource that must be taken care of.

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening

Summary: Japanese awakening

Assisted Reproduction: A baby at all costs?

Phebe Leroyer – Journalist

More than 48,000 children are believed to have been born to assisted reproduction in Japan in recent years. Like the imperial couple, more and more Japanese are turning to Assisted Reproduction when the stork is struggling to pass …

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening
TOKYO, JAPAN – SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2017. Mother with her child in a utility bicycle in Kiba park.

The “free schools”, against the tide of the system

Jessy Perié – Journalist

We talk a lot about standards when we talk about Japan. But faced with certain societal problems, counter-current initiatives may arise. This is the case of free schools – “free schools” – which offer an alternative to “futoko”, these children refusing to go to school …

Parental abduction, still unpunished

Agnès Redon – journalist

Every year in Japan, separated fathers and mothers are brutally deprived of their children. Parental child abduction in Japan is a major problem, denounced by European heads of state, including President Emmanuel Macron. But faced with the cries of distress from these parents and their abducted children, Japanese as well as foreigners, Japan responds that their reproaches remain without
foundation and that the law is respected …

Infographic: Childhood in Japan

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening
The fuzzy parts of this special social pressure and consequences in Japan infographic can be discovered in its entirety by subscribing to the paper newspaper of Japon infos.

The spring palette of Mount Zaô

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening
Between the departments of Yamagata and Miyagi, on the chain of
Monts Ôu, the volcano and its lake form one of the most
surprising from northern Japan, which is fully revealed in the month of May …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Aurélie Roperch – Julien Giry Journalists and Photographers www.nippon100.com

Kodomo no hi: Children’s day

Robin Chatelier – Editor

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening
May 2021 – Kawagoe, Japan: Tourists enjoying the view of Carp-shaped koinobori flags in the streets of Kawagoe, an Edo-period castle town near Tokyo. Koinobori is a decoration for the Children’s Day.

At the end of Golden Week, May 5 is Kodomo no hi (子 供 の 日) or Children’s Day.
It is on this occasion that we can see paper carp hanging on sticks in front of the houses …

Japan’s disappeared

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening

Émilie Guyonnet – Journalist

Tôhoku is a rural and modest region, located north of Kantô (Tokyo region). She was hit hard by the earthquake and the
tsunami of March 11, 2011…

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening
Phillippe Pelletier: A marvel of history

Meiji through the prism of anarchism

Published on April 29 by the Sorbonne, a marvel of history, the new work by Phillippe
Pelletier, doctor of geography and specialist in Japan, takes us to the rediscovery of the Meiji era
(1868-1912) …

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening

Miyazaki and tapestry

The work of Miyazaki, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, is showcased with Aubusson tapestries …

, Journal No. 37 & # 8211;  Japanese awakening

Portrait: Miki Sekiguchi, psychologist in France

Mathieu Rocher – Journalist

With a keen sense of the role played by vocabulary, the psychologist Miki Sekiguchi offers soothing support to an eclectic patient base. Even if psychological suffering has no borders.


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