Japan info offers a special feature on sexuality on the Japanese archipelago, in this month’s print version. Also to discover, the exclusive portrait of the creator of Tenga: Koichi Matsumoto. To make you travel the full double page tourism, will bring you to the heart of the Kanamara matsuri, fertile and militant! The newspaper is distributed to all subscribers from next week!

Between fantasy and reality, Japanese sexuality continues to intrigue Westerners.
But what is it really?

Summary of the issue on sexuality:

Sexual apathy undermines Japanese couples

Agnès Redon – journalist

In Japan, marriage is no guarantee of a sexual life. For one in three couples, who have chosen abstinence, the rout would be the repercussions of exhaustion at work, the economic crisis, but also traditional family patterns …

, Journal Nº30: Fantasies and stampede
Kyoto, April 2019: Couple walking at night in Kiyamachi-dori street (Photo: Kristi Blokhin / shutterstock.com)

Images for adults banned from convenience stores

Jean-François Heimburger – journalist

Until a few years ago, very suggestive or downright pornographic images were displayed for everyone, including the youngest ones, to see in the magazine section of the many convenience stores in Japan, which however have recently been urged to end the sale of these adult magazines …

Sex education lagging behind in the Archipelago

Jean-François Heimburger – journalist

“In terms of preventive (sex) education, it is planned to teach young children not to show their private parts”, explained the columnist of the regional daily Mustu Shimpô last June. “But the situation in which children in Japan are victims of sexual violence without knowing this concept and cannot tell anyone that they are hurt is a big problem”, he continued …

Infographic: Sexuality in Japan

, Journal Nº30: Fantasies and stampede
The remaining 80% of this special sex and Japan infographic can be discovered in its entirety by subscribing to the paper newspaper of Japon infos.

Fertile and militant Kanamara festival

, Journal Nº30: Fantasies and stampede
The curious Kanayama Shrine Festival has gained international fame for a simple reason: the mikoshi worn across Kawasaki feature gigantic metal penises, without any doubt. Photo: Nippon100.com
, Journal Nº30: Fantasies and stampede

Japan, the other land of pornography

Damien D. Sato – journalist

The production of pornographic films in the Archipelago is a mass activity, the weight of which even seems hardly perceptible from the outside. But despite gigantic production capacities, the future remains uncertain.

Prostitution: Multiple fantasies? No, legal pragmatism

Exuberant and fanciful the offer of sexual services in Japan? No, just pragmatic and having to deal with a particularly hard law on paper. Explanations of this Japanese paradox, that of a prohibited prostitution and …

AV Idol: former actress, new hostess

The thousands of young women who leave the world of adult video every year after an often short career manage to value their particular experience in hostess club for male customers. The concept is even tending to spread and become more democratic …

PORTRAIT: Breaking free from taboos around sexuality

, Journal Nº30: Fantasies and stampede

Koichi Matsumoto is the creator of the Japanese sex toy brand Tenga, which means “elegance” in the local language. Through it, he seeks to fight against stereotypes around solitary pleasure by offering refined and elegant products. His goal ? That everyone can enjoy their sexuality without being ashamed …


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