Japan info is offering a special print journal about Japanese cartoons and their place in Japanese society this month. Also to discover, the portrait of a Buddhist monk and “make-up artist”: Kôdô Nishimura. Failing to travel because of our friend the virus, discover the tezutsu hanabi in Toyohashi City! The newspaper is distributed to all subscribers in their mailbox as of this week.

Japanese animated series of all kinds carry within them a singular identity, to the point of invading spaces hitherto unimaginable for Westerners …

japan anime manga, Journal Nº31 & # 8211;  Cartoons to animate Japan

Summary: anime and manga in Japan:

Secrets of Eternal Success of the “Evangelion” Series

Jean-François Heimburger – journalist

On Wednesday, October 4, 1995, from 6.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., the first episode of the animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast in Japan by the group TV Tôkyô. Twenty-five years later, this masterpiece still arouses great interest in the Archipelago …

japan anime manga, Journal Nº31 & # 8211;  Cartoons to animate Japan
Osaka, April 2016: The shinkasen EVA 500 TYPE, a special train to celebrate the 40e anniversary of Sanyô Shinkansen and the 20e anniversary of the Evangelion television series. (Photo: Piti Sirisriro / shutterstock.com)

Animated series take hold of social issues

Jean-François Heimburger – journalist

Some Japanese animated television series, intended a priori for children, continue today to address serious subjects, from social questions to environmental problems, even if the trend is now less strong than in the second half of the 20th century.e century…

A culture firmly rooted in the hearts of the French

Agnès Redon – journalist

Many French people are keen on Japanese popular culture. Second consumer in the world of manga behind the Japanese, the history of this craze which dates back to the 90s has nevertheless not been spared by controversy and censorship …

Infographic: Manga and Anime

japan anime manga, Journal Nº31 & # 8211;  Cartoons to animate Japan
The fuzzy parts of this special manga, anime and Japan infographic are to be discovered in its entirety by subscribing to the paper newspaper of Japon infos.

Tezutsu Hanabi

tezutsu hanabi in Toyohashi
Toyohashi town in Aichi county offers impressive fireworks called tezutsu hanabi. A perilous spectacle since the bamboo cannons are directly carried by fireworks with fires covering more than 20 meters.
view of yoshinoyama and its cherry trees in spring
Yoshinoyama, city view and cherry trees in spring. (Phtoto: SB Professional / shutterstok.com)

Nara, cradle of the Japanese archipelago

Pierre-Étienne De Lazzer – managing editor

Before embarking on the roads of the department of Nara, it is important to know its history in order to appreciate the visit at its true value …

Off the beaten track

For many tourists, Nara is limited to its free-roaming deer and the great Buddha of Tôdai-ji. But the department is full of many other treasures …

Learn kana, Japanese syllabaries

The hiragana and the katakana, these syllabic signs of the Japanese language, provide, for a large number of publishers, a pretext to make a work in its own right. This is the case this month with more than 4 releases on this topic. Let’s look at two of them: Nihongo, learn your kanas like a Japanese by Mizuki Sakai and Florent Gorges, then Kanas at your fingertips by Yves Maniette. What is their real added value?

Living dead, rock and super nintendo

Emiko Sansalvadore – journalist

Little zombies, film by Makoto Nagahisa which won an award at the 35e Sundance Film Festival, is released in French theaters on November 11.

PORTRAIT: Buddhism & makeup

japan anime manga, Journal Nº31 & # 8211;  Cartoons to animate Japan

Phoebé Leroyer – journalist

Robe on Monday, pumps the next day, Kôdô Nishimura is far from the traditional image we have of the Japanese monk. And yet, at 31, this openly gay Tokyoite manages the family temple with a masterful hand, when he is not on television sets doing celebrity makeup. His primary goal: to show that difference is a strength, he who militates alongside the LGBTQ community.


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