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In Japan, as in France, food is an institution. But we still have to pay the price.

, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal

Summary: stars, fruits and game:

Michelin-starred restaurants shine brightly in Tokyo

Agnès Redon – journalist

The prize list is still brilliant for Tôkyô: according to the last ranking of Michelin Guide 2021, the Japanese capital has continued for 14 years to be the city with the most stars in the world, ahead of Paris and Kyoto, with 446 referenced restaurants. How does Tokyo manage to stay on top of world gastronomy?

Illustration from the special feature on food and Japan
A Japanese chef prepares sushi for his customers near Shibuya in Tokyo. (Photo: theskaman306 / Shutterstock.com)

Why is buying fruit a luxury?

Damien Durand – journalist

Individually wrapped apples sold for 500-600 yen (between 4 and 4.75 euros) each or a small tray of strawberries at 1100 yen (8.70 euros) in the local supermarket … How to explain that you have to pay so much in a country where, moreover, it is possible to access decent food at a low price in the myriad of small restaurants that dot the streets of Japanese cities?

The vogue for game

Jean-François Heimburger – journalist

Feathered or furry, game is more and more appreciated lately in Japan, where restaurants flourish that make it their specialty.

Infographics: good food at the table in Japan

, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal
The fuzzy parts of this special infographic know how to be at JApon are to be discovered in its entirety by subscribing to the paper newspaper of Japon infos.

Iiyama: igloos and torii

, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal
In winter, the small town of Iiyama hosts a festival dedicated to kamakura, Japanese igloos. Located on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, between Nagano and Kanazawa, it offers a snowy vision of national traditions. Aurélie Roperch – Julien Giry Journalists and Photographers www.nippon100.com
, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal

Tokyo, the nicest city in the world

Maëva Curutchet – journalist

The Japanese capital has just been voted “the most pleasant city in the world”. A major asset for tourism which is growing year after year. Global Finance magazine wanted to highlight the qualities that make this city a chance for the land of the rising sun.

, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal
The smoking crater of Mount Aso. (Photo: DR)

Kyûshû, the region of volcanic well-being

Considered the birthplace of Japanese civilization, Kyûshû is one of the four main islands of Japan. It has in its heart the largest active volcano in Japan, which rises to 1,592 m. Japon infos takes you to the discovery of this island, land of fire and well-being …

, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal

Sekigahara, the greatest battle of the samurai

Julien Peltier, an author passionate about medieval Japanese history, decides after a trip to specialize in writing essays and novels on samurai. After Crépuscules des Samouraïs, or Samuraïs: 10 incredible destinies, this year he is publishing a historical novel animated by magnificent frescoes and period maps to immerse us in a past conflict …

Transmission and writing

Emilie Guyonnet – journalist

For his work as a public writer, Hatoko usually sits on his kitchen table, like the writer Haruki Murakami in his early days. The young woman has indeed inherited a stationery and the parallel activity of public writer from her grandmother...

Japan’s environmental challenges

Japan enjoys an image of an environmentally friendly country. It is true that it is at the forefront of selective waste sorting. However, it has also sacrificed a lot of nature for the benefit of its economic development...

, Journal Nº33 - Have a good meal

Interview: Guardiana of tradition

Maëva Curutchet

Naumi Carvajal Uemura is the chef of the Uemura and Eguchi restaurants in Madrid. The Spaniard is also one of six finalists in the Washoku World Challenge, the international Japanese cuisine competition. Here she comes back on her journey


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